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: August 2012
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How are we dealing with PEPS for the next few days until The Sims 3 Supernatural launches? Why, we're calling for your funniest captions on these screenshots! We just ended another round  on the forums with this scene involving a fortune teller and a gentleman with unforgettable  facial hair. Here are just a few of our favorite quotes:



"Listen lady, I'm just here 'cuz my wife wants directions to our new home. So for the last time, you may NOT use my head as a bongo drum."

"Are you SURE i'm going to turn into a werewolf come September 4?"

Fortune Teller: You're going to go on many journeys and meet a pretty lady who will one day become your wife...
Man: Well, that's great but what I'd really like to know are next weeks lottery numbers.

Fortuneteller: A clumsy person will find themselves tripping over things such as tables, chairs, people, and even the flat spots on the floor.
Man: I didn’t fall. The floor just needed a hug.

Man : "Is that really what my future holds?"
Teller : "Yes! But that was the good news!"

Man: Why, oh why did I end up with HER as my neighbour!

Teller: I see a bad haircut in your future!
Salior: It can't get any worse than this.

I read your fortune,
And this is crazy!
You'll have a bad day,
don't thank me baby!


"Abracadabra, let me move that hair from your cheeks onto your scalp!"

Guy: Lady, I barely believe that you're a psychic, but my head is NOT to be used as your crystal ball!!!"

Fortuneteller: You will feel so much lighter after you leave!
Man: Yeah right...after I paid you I will be.

Man: "...Ma'am, I am not a butler. I just want a fortune."
Fortune teller: "...and then I want you to build me a pool, and then find me a unicorn, and then you can turn my husband over there into a zombie so I don't have to understand his whining, and then I want you to turn into a pretty fairy and fly me to candy land! OH, and then..."

Man: :mutters under his breath: "Oh boy here we go again. Why did I marry this woman? She NEVER shuts up!"
Woman: "What did you say?"
Man: "Honey I said, would you like to go out for dinner?"
Man: You're going to do WHAT with my hair?

Fortune Teller: ...And that concludes everything that will happen in your future for the next 50 years. What do you think?
Man: Wait were you talking to me? I thought you were just babbling to yourself. I was just admiring that fancy rocking chair over there! Can you tell me if I ever get one of those in the future?


Fortune teller: I see your mother-in-law moving in with you.
Man: *groans* great

Gent: FLART! Shoo flee!
Gypsy: Jowlenin...Za woka genava!
Gent: Ooo shanga day?...
Gypsy: Turkey nurbler? Elicanto!
Gent: Boo basnot.


"Discouraged in learning that he would never succeed in killing the great white whale, Captain Ahab was reassured by the lovely fortuneteller that his future as a sales man at a used ship lot was very promising."


Fortune Teller: I Foresee a woman will be Scamming you really soon, Be careful who you trust!!!
Man: Can't you tell me who it Is??
Fortune Teller: That will cost you 2000 simoleons, and remember no backsies!!!


If I have to listen to this lady babble much longer, I'm going to pass out like that guy in the chair back there...


'And that was the last time Herman went on a date set up by LavaLife'

Fortuneteller: I am seeing dark and dangerous things in your future... Rabid llamas will attack your home and eat your children!
Old man: Eh, not impressed. I would be more worried if they ate my TV.


Man: If she pulls another coin out of my ear, I'm gonna have to break it to her that she's in the wrong profession...


Larry wasn't too impressed when he realized someone had a worse dress sense than him!


Fortune Teller: "I am Madame Fiona! I see all, past, present, and future!”
Gentleman: "I don't need to see the future to know you need a stronger antiperspirant. Please lower your arms."


Fortune Teller: No, No, NO! I sent you to get Mutton for the STEW...NOT Mutton Chops on YOU!


We had a lot of fun reading through your captions, Simmers. Keep a look-out for more caption fun on our Facebook and the forums! Before you know it, The Sims 3 Supernatural will be here!

08:24 PM
Posted by: SimGuruHydra

Caaaaaaptionss! Earlier this week, we invited Simmers on our Facebook page to share their best captions for this The Sims 3 Supernatural screenshot featuring the awesome Plants vs. Zombies' Peashooters defending the house. Here are a few of our favorites:



Even when I'm dead, I still hate peas!


'We wanted brains, not your peas!'


The Walking Dead: Sim Edition


Split pea I thought I ordered brain?


Wild Bellsprout appeared! Zombiesim used Thriller Dance! It's super effective!


Ah, good, I see you have the new zom-pea shooters


Oh no peas didn't anyone tell you I'm allergic to peas!!


Peas, the only vegetable that can save your life


Good Peashooter, I'm just trying to get a green thumb achievement...besides, I only eat people...


Who let the zombies out? who who who? Who will shoot them down? who? who? who?


That awkward moment when the plants rap, and the zombies bust out breakdancing and shuffling like party rock anthem came on.


That's the last time I buy miracle grow from acme.


Coach said if we skipped gym we'd be playing dodgeball in the afterlife!
Oh, not in the shins again!


All's well until the zombies start donning metal buckets and road cones on their heads ..




There's just no a-pea-sing them.


Is that the best you got?! I've already died once I know what pain feels like!


It's the, eye of the zombies it's the peashooters fight! Rising up to the challenge of their rivals!


Is this what they meant by "Rest in Peas!?"


I don't always play The Sims, but when I do I make sure that there are zombie shooting plants and zombies to shoot at.


Coming soon to theaters near you: Lawn of the Dead


Zombie: "I'm starting to thiiiink that thiisss wasn't a goood ideaa." Other Zombie: "You cannn't thiiink. You don't haaavvve a braiin."


Coming this fall to SimTV the hottest most competitive reality TV show to date Survivor will look like Sesame Street when you see "Plants VS Zombies" that's on SimTV 8/7c.


Thanks for sharing these with us! Stay tuned for more caption fun on Facebook and the forums. Don't forget, the Plants vs. Zombies Peashooter is available in The Sims 3 Supernatural Limited Edition. Check out more details here.

06:09 PM
Posted by: SimGuruHydra

Hi Simmers!


Today, I'm talking about another of the four seasons in The Sims 3 Seasons - SUMMER!  Typically, in The Sims, every day is a sunny day. You and your Sims are probably used to clear weather and lots of sunshine. With the introduction of transformative weather effects in The Sims 3 Seasons, now you can play with summer as you never have before - with blisteringly high temperatures and heat waves!


It's Hot in Here!


In The Sims 3 Seasons, the temperature of the world can change over the course of the day, transitioning from a cool, brisk morning to a scorcher by noontime. If your Sim is out in the heat for too long, they’ll start to sweat and may even spontaneously combust! But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to keep cool. Wearing swimwear, holding a parasol, eating an ice cream or just heading indoors are some of the ways you can keep your Sim from overheating. And if you have the new "Immune to Heat" lifetime reward, your Sim can enjoy all the benefits of spending time in the heat without any of the negative side effects!


Speaking of the benefits of being out in the sun, summer is the perfect time to put on some swimwear and get a nice tan. Just be careful, lying under the hot sun for too long will result in a nasty sunburn instead of a bronze glow.



Other option is to spend a few Simoleons on a tan from the spray tan booth. But even the tanning booth isn't a foolproof way to get an even tan. Results will vary from the successful to the downright hilarious, depending on whether malfunctions or pranking kids are involved.



Your Sims can also cool off by taking a dip in the pool, or better yet, leaping into it off of the brand new diving board! Once in the pool, your Sims can take a leisurely rest on the pool lounger. This floatable cushion of air is not only useful in the pool, but provides a nice way to relax when floating on the waves in the middle of the ocean.



For the first time in The Sims PC/Mac franchise, your Sims can swim in ANY ocean, river or lake that is in the world! For all of you world builders out there, your Sims can swim in the bodies of water you've created as well! As long as the ocean, river or lake is not on a residential or community lot, has a gradual slope into the water, and your Sims can walk to the coast, then they can dive right in!


Here is a Sim swimming during a rainy day in the big lake in Twinbrook...



...and a couple enjoying a romantic dip down the river in China.



After spending a day at the beach, head over to the summer festival. Each season has unique activities for your Sim to enjoy. During the summer, your Sims can get their faces painted, practice shooting soccer goals or even participate in a hot dog eating contest!



Your Sims can also make snow cones at the festival and purchase a machine for the home. The standard snow cone stand is great for outdoor parties, and the smaller one can be placed on kitchen counters for a refreshing mid-day treat.



Once the sun goes down, there's still plenty to do! In addition to new fireworks, we now have firecrackers, including spinners, rockets, smoke bombs and more! Like swimming in the ocean, the firecrackers are also a year-round activity. During the summer, the grocery store will be holding a firecracker sale, so be sure to stock up for the rest of the year.



Since most of the firecrackers are too dangerous for kids to handle, we've added another firecracker option that's safe for nearly all ages: sparklers! They come in two types, white and rainbow.



With tanning, festivals and new activities like swimming in the ocean and playing with fireworks, there's plenty for your Sim to experience in The Sims 3 Seasons. Stay tuned for more information about the fun you can have with seasons in the newest expansion from The Sims 3!

-Charles Murakami, Associate Producer




04:30 PM
Posted by: SimGuruCharles

And only some vampires sparkle…

I have to admit, I’m a big vampire fan and I love a great vampire story. Sparkly or not, there is something  about a good vampire/werewolf rivalry that is just awesome.  As we talked about the Supernatural experience, we decided that you simply couldn’t have werewolves and witches without also having vampires to round out the group. We thought long and hard about the best way to bring vampires into The Sims 3 Supernatural, as The Sims 3 Late Night had already done such a great job. After brainstorming and exploring several different ideas, we decided to hold onto the core of The Sims 3 existing vampire that we all know and love, but to add in a slightly different look and feel of a more intimidating, mesmerizing creature of the night.

Lots of people have asked on the forums and twitter what ‘more intriguing’ really means and how these vampires in The Sims 3 Supernatural will relate to the vamps in The Sims 3 Late Night, so I’m here to tell you, straight from the Guru’s mouth! If you do have vampires in your game from The Sims 3 Late Night, these vampires will be updated to have the new form and functionality of The Sims 3 Supernatural vampires when the game is installed. All the cool things your vampires could do The Sims 3 Late Night will remain, e.g. reduced aging, advanced speed and skill gain, offering to turn people, drinking from Sims and hunting. Plus they will get some cool extras. One point of clarification, if you do not have The Sims 3 Late Night installed, no need to worry, you will still get vampires in your game with the installation of The Sims 3 Supernatural.

In addition to the awesome The Sims 3 Late Night vampire functionality, The Sims 3 Supernatural adds some cool things for your vamps to do. Vampires can now be created and fully customized in CAS from the start of the game. Your Sims no longer have to wait to get bitten by another vampire in town. We’ve also added some new objects for vampires, such as an updated version of the altar bed and the vegetarian plasma orange juice (a yummy quick snack from the fridge).

Vampires also have some fun new social interactions to make them feel more mesmerizing and intense. I like Warn Away as it’s great for telling the story of forbidden vampire love. Intimidate is another one of my favorites. It’s a way to scare other Sims, but not all Sims are so easy to push around. Some people think it’s cool to be intimidated by a vampire; others are more willing to take intimidation as in invitation to fight.
Have you ever sent your vampire out for a quick bite, only to be rejected by your chosen victim? With Hypnotic Gaze your vampire can convince strangers that being bitten seems like a great idea.

Sims have some new interesting ways to interact with vampires as well. If you have found a vamp that you really don’t like then Imply their Mother was a Chupacabra or Threaten to Exploit their Weaknesses! Did you fall in love with a creature of the night, but really hate their schedule and constant need to nibble on your neck? Ask them to forsake their powers and see if your love really is true.

In addition, vampires can brew a special elixir to help get them outdoors and in the sunlight. Your vampire will no longer have to worry about passing out due to sun exposure. If you are a fan of sparkly vampires, then try out the Vampiric Sunscreen elixir that will provide your vampire with hours of sparkly outdoor fun!

One last thing to mention, vampires have a new immortal lifetime happiness reward that has a number of effects. Having this reward will completely stop them from aging, allow them to be in the sun without any penalties, will never have them be rejected when taking a drink of blood from another Sim and will need less plasma in order to survive. However, side effects of this reward may include slight sparkles…!

Hopefully this gives you a little more insight into the world of witches and vampires. We had so much fun working on these player types. The animators ran around practicing and filming intimidation. The fx artists studied ice cubes in search of the perfect ice blast. The designers and I dueled furiously around the office to practice wand poses. We hope you have as much fun playing with them in The Sims 3 Supernatural as we did creating them! This is all for now but be sure to stayed tuned for more updates to come as we are just a few weeks away from the launch of the game. Don’t forget to tune in for our third Live Broadcast this Wednesday, August 15 at 8:00 AM PST.



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Posted by: SimGuruBritt