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: August 2012
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How are we dealing with PEPS for the next few days until The Sims 3 Supernatural launches? Why, we're calling for your funniest captions on these screenshots! We just ended another round  on the forums with this scene involving a fortune teller and a gentleman with unforgettable  facial hair. Here are just a few of our favorite quotes:



"Listen lady, I'm just here 'cuz my wife wants directions to our new home. So for the last time, you may NOT use my head as a bongo drum."

"Are you SURE i'm going to turn into a werewolf come September 4?"

Fortune Teller: You're going to go on many journeys and meet a pretty lady who will one day become your wife...
Man: Well, that's great but what I'd really like to know are next weeks lottery numbers.

Fortuneteller: A clumsy person will find themselves tripping over things such as tables, chairs, people, and even the flat spots on the floor.
Man: I didn’t fall. The floor just needed a hug.

Man : "Is that really what my future holds?"
Teller : "Yes! But that was the good news!"

Man: Why, oh why did I end up with HER as my neighbour!

Teller: I see a bad haircut in your future!
Salior: It can't get any worse than this.

I read your fortune,
And this is crazy!
You'll have a bad day,
don't thank me baby!


"Abracadabra, let me move that hair from your cheeks onto your scalp!"

Guy: Lady, I barely believe that you're a psychic, but my head is NOT to be used as your crystal ball!!!"

Fortuneteller: You will feel so much lighter after you leave!
Man: Yeah right...after I paid you I will be.

Man: "...Ma'am, I am not a butler. I just want a fortune."
Fortune teller: "...and then I want you to build me a pool, and then find me a unicorn, and then you can turn my husband over there into a zombie so I don't have to understand his whining, and then I want you to turn into a pretty fairy and fly me to candy land! OH, and then..."

Man: :mutters under his breath: "Oh boy here we go again. Why did I marry this woman? She NEVER shuts up!"
Woman: "What did you say?"
Man: "Honey I said, would you like to go out for dinner?"
Man: You're going to do WHAT with my hair?

Fortune Teller: ...And that concludes everything that will happen in your future for the next 50 years. What do you think?
Man: Wait were you talking to me? I thought you were just babbling to yourself. I was just admiring that fancy rocking chair over there! Can you tell me if I ever get one of those in the future?


Fortune teller: I see your mother-in-law moving in with you.
Man: *groans* great

Gent: FLART! Shoo flee!
Gypsy: Jowlenin...Za woka genava!
Gent: Ooo shanga day?...
Gypsy: Turkey nurbler? Elicanto!
Gent: Boo basnot.


"Discouraged in learning that he would never succeed in killing the great white whale, Captain Ahab was reassured by the lovely fortuneteller that his future as a sales man at a used ship lot was very promising."


Fortune Teller: I Foresee a woman will be Scamming you really soon, Be careful who you trust!!!
Man: Can't you tell me who it Is??
Fortune Teller: That will cost you 2000 simoleons, and remember no backsies!!!


If I have to listen to this lady babble much longer, I'm going to pass out like that guy in the chair back there...


'And that was the last time Herman went on a date set up by LavaLife'

Fortuneteller: I am seeing dark and dangerous things in your future... Rabid llamas will attack your home and eat your children!
Old man: Eh, not impressed. I would be more worried if they ate my TV.


Man: If she pulls another coin out of my ear, I'm gonna have to break it to her that she's in the wrong profession...


Larry wasn't too impressed when he realized someone had a worse dress sense than him!


Fortune Teller: "I am Madame Fiona! I see all, past, present, and future!”
Gentleman: "I don't need to see the future to know you need a stronger antiperspirant. Please lower your arms."


Fortune Teller: No, No, NO! I sent you to get Mutton for the STEW...NOT Mutton Chops on YOU!


We had a lot of fun reading through your captions, Simmers. Keep a look-out for more caption fun on our Facebook and the forums! Before you know it, The Sims 3 Supernatural will be here!

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Posted by: SimGuruHydra