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: August 2012
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Caaaaaaptionss! Earlier this week, we invited Simmers on our Facebook page to share their best captions for this The Sims 3 Supernatural screenshot featuring the awesome Plants vs. Zombies' Peashooters defending the house. Here are a few of our favorites:



Even when I'm dead, I still hate peas!


'We wanted brains, not your peas!'


The Walking Dead: Sim Edition


Split pea I thought I ordered brain?


Wild Bellsprout appeared! Zombiesim used Thriller Dance! It's super effective!


Ah, good, I see you have the new zom-pea shooters


Oh no peas didn't anyone tell you I'm allergic to peas!!


Peas, the only vegetable that can save your life


Good Peashooter, I'm just trying to get a green thumb achievement...besides, I only eat people...


Who let the zombies out? who who who? Who will shoot them down? who? who? who?


That awkward moment when the plants rap, and the zombies bust out breakdancing and shuffling like party rock anthem came on.


That's the last time I buy miracle grow from acme.


Coach said if we skipped gym we'd be playing dodgeball in the afterlife!
Oh, not in the shins again!


All's well until the zombies start donning metal buckets and road cones on their heads ..




There's just no a-pea-sing them.


Is that the best you got?! I've already died once I know what pain feels like!


It's the, eye of the zombies it's the peashooters fight! Rising up to the challenge of their rivals!


Is this what they meant by "Rest in Peas!?"


I don't always play The Sims, but when I do I make sure that there are zombie shooting plants and zombies to shoot at.


Coming soon to theaters near you: Lawn of the Dead


Zombie: "I'm starting to thiiiink that thiisss wasn't a goood ideaa." Other Zombie: "You cannn't thiiink. You don't haaavvve a braiin."


Coming this fall to SimTV the hottest most competitive reality TV show to date Survivor will look like Sesame Street when you see "Plants VS Zombies" that's on SimTV 8/7c.


Thanks for sharing these with us! Stay tuned for more caption fun on Facebook and the forums. Don't forget, the Plants vs. Zombies Peashooter is available in The Sims 3 Supernatural Limited Edition. Check out more details here.

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Posted by: SimGuruHydra