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The Sims Youtube Nostalgia Giveaway!
POSTED ON 01/27/11 06:47 PM

We are hosting another Youtube Subscriber Giveaway and this time we are giving away 2 Ultimate Nostalgia The Sims packages and 10 other The Sims goodies bundles! Subscribe to our channel and post a channel comment for a chance to be picked to receive one of these goodies packages! The giveaway ends at 110,000 Subscribers. Feel free to come back daily and post channel comments to increase your chances.

Nostalgia Pack #1:

Nostalgia Pack #2:

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Vote for TS3 for a Shorty Award!
POSTED ON 01/25/11 07:38 PM
It’s the third annual Shorty Awards and we’d love it if you vote for The Sims 3 for a Shorty Award in Gaming. Just sign in to your Twitter and go to the Shorty Award website and tweet your vote. Thank you for your support!

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The Sims Youtube has hit 107K Subscribers!
POSTED ON 01/24/11 07:10 PM
We've hit 107,000 Subscribers which means the Subscriber Giveaway has ended! Thank you for participating and supporting our channel. To show our thanks, we've decided to give out poster packages as well! Go to our channel to see the list of random recipients who will be receiving a Sims 3 Bundle and poster package.

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The Sims 3 Facebook Reaches 3 Million Likes!
POSTED ON 01/22/11 12:23 AM
The Sims 3’s official Facebook Page now has over 3 Millions Fans! Thank you all for your support! To show our thanks, we’ve decided to post exclusive The Sims 3 Store concept art for upcoming items. View them now and let us know what items you are looking forward to the most.

Check out the sneak peek images here

Show us your Sims’ New Look for a chance to Win Your Wishlist!
POSTED ON 01/20/11 07:32 PM

Are your Sims looking for a fresh start this new year? Show us your Sims’s new look and you could Win Your Wishlist from The Sims 3 Store!

To enter, head over to The Sims 3 Facebook fan page and select the ‘contest’ tab to submit your entry, to learn more about the contest, and to check out the submissions created by other Simmers!

Hurry, the contest ends on January 28, 2011, show us your New Look today!

Youtube Subscriber Random Giveaway
POSTED ON 01/18/11 08:49 PM
Subscribe to our Youtube and leave a Channel Comment for a chance to randomly receive this The Sims 3 goodies bundle! The giveaway ends when we reach 107,000 Subscribers! Feel free to post comments on our channel as many times as you want until we reach the number to increase your chances. Good luck and Happy Simming!

The goodies package includes a copy of World Adventures, Fast Lane, a signed copy of Ambitions, a t-shirt and a The Sims 3 poster signed by members of the game team!

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Outdoor Living Stuff Exclusive Screenshot Unlock
POSTED ON 01/11/11 06:28 PM
Join fans on Facebook and Like our latest exclusive screenshot for the upcoming stuff pack Outdoor Living! A new section of the image will be revealed for every milestone number of Likes specified in each screenshot upload.

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Stare above a friend's head mid-conversation & pretend there is a Plumbob Event
POSTED ON 01/10/11 07:26 PM
Join us on Facebook for this awesome Event!  During a conversation with your friends, break eye contact and slowly move your eyes towards the space above his head and pretend there's a Plumbob there. Let us know what their reactions are and/or takes photos and videos.

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The Sims Medieval Giveaway Ends
POSTED ON 01/10/11 06:49 PM
The Sims Medieval Epic Trailer has reached over 25K Video Views! Thank you for those who participated in the giveaway. We hit the number much sooner than we expected. To show our gratitude, we are giving away 4 copies of Fast Lane to random participants! Congrats kishamajors, MrShamanky, EvilShenangans & 1evilsweetie who were randomly selected for this giveaway. Make sure to Subscribe to our channel to participate and hear about our future giveaways.

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Twitter Giveway- We’ve reached 62K!
POSTED ON 01/07/11 06:30 PM
We’ve hit 62,000 Followers and as a thank you we’ve decided to host a giveaway exclusive to those that support us on Twitter. Follow our account and Retweet the original tweet for a chance to receive a copy of The Sims 3 Fast Lane. The giveaway ends 2 P.M. (PDT).

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The Sims Medieval Trailer Giveaway
POSTED ON 01/07/11 06:23 PM
Hey Simmers! Ready for another giveaway? Subscribe to our channel and comment on The Sims Medieval Epic Trailer for a chance to receive The Sims 3 goodies! The giveaway ends once the video reaches 25,000 video views. We will announce the random recipients soon after. Comment more than once and come back every day until the giveaway ends to increase your chances! Good luck and Happy Simming.

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Give your Sims a New Look this New Year with a Fresh Start from The Sims 3 Store, all-new Sets are now available!
POSTED ON 01/06/11 05:10 PM
Check out all-new sets at The Sims 3 Store, now your Sims can Look Better, Live Better, and Play Better in this new year!

To create the Muse Luxury Set, the Muses pooled their collective talents to design something worthy of gods, heroes, and Sims. Download the set today so that your Sims' nightly visits to Morpheus will be in style and comfort.

Every Sim lives for the day they discover a secret hideaway! Help your Sims live their dreams with the all-new Through the Spy Glass Set!

Let your little Sims' dreams soar with adorable and super snuggly sleepwear featured in the Luxe Kidswear Set!                  

Still looking for more New Year's Fun? It's the year of the rabbit and we have a whole mess of rabbit themed gifts for your Sims, download the Year of the Rabbit Set today!

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Outdoor Living Stuff Photo Unlock
POSTED ON 01/05/11 07:28 PM
Head over to our Facebook and help Simmers unlock an exclusive Outdoor Living Stuff Pack screenshot! A new portion of the photo will be revealed for every milestone number of Likes specified in each photo update.

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Machinima Artist Spotlight lReMi07l
POSTED ON 01/03/11 07:17 PM
This is the first of our Machinima Artist Spotlight series! We’re excited to share this interview with one of The Sims community’s top machinima artists lReMi07l and feature his videos on our channel. Watch each video and read the interview questions in the summary of each machinima.

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