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: August 2013
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We recently invited Simmers on Facebook to write their own captions to The Sims 3 Movie Stuff screenshot above. Here are a few of our favorites:

 “He has no idea I poisoned him..”

“You’ll see what you’re about to get for eating my fat cakes on Shark Week.”

“And now my pretty, let me see if I can turn you into something else than just a toad. Stand still, this will only hurt once!”

“Little did Bryan know, Karen was on the hunt… and this time, she’d GET HER MAN.”

“So… you thought I wouldn’t notice the ******* crumbs on the bed!”

“I stuck your head under the blanket and farted last night muahahahaha!”

“Hey honey, I spent our life savings on a new outfit.”

“He has no idea I put itching powder in his underwear drawer MWHAHAHA!”

“It’s WooHoo time!”

11:39 PM
Posted by: The_PopTart

The dog days of summer are finally here and there's no better way to beat the heat than with the latest issue of The Sims Official Magazine. This time out, the team at TSOM lives the tropical life with The Sims 3 Island Paradise, explores the unknown in Dragon Valley, and keeps cool with The Sims FreePlay's Climate Control update. 

Best of all, this issue features a great article called "Savoring the Sims". While the rest of the issue is for both new and old fans alike, "Savoring the Sims" is dedicated to those players that think they've seen and done everything The Sims 3 has to offer. Little do they know there are plenty of things to keep them busy for hours and hours and hours… or at least until The Sims 4 comes out!

Want to check out Issue 3 of The Sims Official Magazine for yourself? Just click here and download a copy to your favorite smartphone or tablet!