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: August 2013
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We recently invited Simmers on Facebook to write their own captions to The Sims 3 Movie Stuff screenshot above. Here are a few of our favorites:

 “He has no idea I poisoned him..”

“You’ll see what you’re about to get for eating my fat cakes on Shark Week.”

“And now my pretty, let me see if I can turn you into something else than just a toad. Stand still, this will only hurt once!”

“Little did Bryan know, Karen was on the hunt… and this time, she’d GET HER MAN.”

“So… you thought I wouldn’t notice the ******* crumbs on the bed!”

“I stuck your head under the blanket and farted last night muahahahaha!”

“Hey honey, I spent our life savings on a new outfit.”

“He has no idea I put itching powder in his underwear drawer MWHAHAHA!”

“It’s WooHoo time!”

11:39 PM
Posted by: The_PopTart