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: March 2022
RFID Chips Reveal the Undercover Agents
POSTED ON 03/06/22

mary - At the Defcon Hacker Conference in LasVegas, Undercover Federal Agents, and probably foreign agents, were attending.Probably to see what is going on, look at the booths, and identify attendeesthrough photos taken surreptitiously. The hackers set up RFID chip readers at atable the attendees needed to walk by in plain sight. They started getting hitsfrom government agency-issued ID cards. Undercover operatives like to carrytheir credentials with them and these credentials have Icode Slix RFIDchips. The credentials help them explain concealed guns and other problems thatmay come up when they are undercover. Their credentials are usually like atwo-fold wallet, say about 6" by 3". They look very official and nowhave RFID chips placed inside them. The hackers were kind enough to snap thephoto of everyone who they got an RFID hit on.

They also got whatever data was contained on the chip. Thegovt RFID chips would be encoded but their other RFID chip cards on them wouldhave real id info on them, think driver licenses, passports, credit cards, etc.The effort was designed to show the feds that these RFID chips are extremelyprivacy-invasive. They made their point. Any business wishing to see who is anagent need only set up an RFID chip reader at the entrance point. The datacollected by the RFID chip reader in plain site was destroyed. Allegedly 30 orso individuals were walking around the conference with RFID readers in theirbackpacks collecting data that was not destroyed.

Several investigations routinely augmentation RFID chipswithin dogs and cats once they vaccinate and neuter them as well as spay them.Individual chips are generally encoded using the animal's identity, sex, birthdate, and vaccination information and also the owner's name and speak to info.The implants are of help for less than 2 functions - to ascertain or perhapsmake sure immunization data and to area a pet that's been lost, found by astranger, and taken to a veterinary and, it is hoped, it can be tracked. But onaccount of RFID chips will likely be encoded in several alternative ways (forinstance, a 64-bit microprocessor will accommodate one hundred thousand numericmixtures), they provide probably unlimited overall flexibility. That createsthem ideal for product or service tracking, inventory flow, as well as, ofcourse, entry management.

RFID Chip Readers - These can be obtained very cheaply. Somenew ones will be hitting the market soon for under $50. They can be set up atentrances to businesses, homes, etc. Interesting concept.

Anti RFID - Faraday-shielded wallets and passport cases arebeing sold that prevent these RFID chips from being read while contained in thecase.