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: November 2012
Monte Vista, Digital Monday, and the Broadcast
POSTED ON 11/29/12
Hi there!

I thought I’d take some time while recuperating from my Thanksgiving over-eating, the craziness from Digital Monday, and the fun from the Monte Vista Producer's Broadcast to talk about everything that's been going on the past few days. It's been wild!

On Tuesday the 27th, Lisa and Sarah did a great job showing everyone the world, and even sneaked a view of a pool mosaic they weren't suppose to show! But it's alright. You'll hear more about that soon enough.

If you missed the broadcast, set aside some time and definitely check it out

Also, if you're JUST finding out right now that you missed the Digital Monday sales, the Store has left the majority of the items from the sales category up at a lower discount. Check it out here.

Additionally, make sure everyone remembers that Monte Vista will only be sold for real cash. For those of you wondering what a world simpoint bundle looks like – refer to Barnacle Bay’s simpoint bundle on the Store’s simpoint bundle page. Monte Vista will be set up almost exactly the same way. And yes, it'll be $20 instead of the normal 2450 simpoints you see for worlds.

Another question I saw circulating around was whether people could gift Monte Vista. Unfortunately, at this time you can't. I'm bummed about it as well, but hopefully we can make that change in the future (it would be awhile).

All right, more screenshots below: :)

A Designer's Thoughts: A Gardener's Delight
POSTED ON 11/13/12
I've worked with designer Alan Copeland to come up with his thoughts on our latest masterpiece: The Stones Throw Greenhouse Venue -- which includes two new premium content, such as the Plants vs. Zombies Sunflower!

A few weeks ago we mentioned that there are some really cool content coming to the Sims 3 Store over the next couple of months.  Today I’m excited to preview one of my personal favorites, the Stones Throw Greenhouse!  This venue is filled with more new objects and exclusive premium content than any other venue we’ve shipped before!  

For the first time ever, we have four different glass roof sculpture pieces that allow you to build your own custom greenhouse, arboretum or sunlit breakfast nook.  

The new SwiftGro Gardening Station has a sprinkler system with a timer to let you water a group of plants all at the same time, a megaphone to let you talk to all of the plants in the garden patch, a composter to let you fertilize a bunch of plants within range, and a workbench to let you identify new seeds that you might find in your garden.

The composter takes three fertilizers and combines them to feed all of the plants in the area.  But what’s even more exciting is that the Stone’s Throw Greenhouse comes with the Plants VS. Zombies Sunflower, which produces the highest quality sunshine fertilizer for your garden!  Drop some sunshine in your composter and watch the quality of your garden improve by leaps and bounds!  But the fun doesn’t stop there.  The Sunflower also loves to sing and dance with your Sim!

Additionally there are over a dozen new objects to help you achieve gardening nirvana!