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: March 2013
What’s come out, and what’s coming up?
POSTED ON 03/06/13
There have been so many awesome things happening in The Sims 3 Store lately…so I thought that it would be great to take a moment to look back at our latest world, The Sims 3 Aurora Skies, as well as take a quick look at what’s ahead of us.

The Sims 3 Aurora Skies was released back on February 21st. Based on a northern theme (many of you guys pegged it with Iceland), Aurora Skies came with a Hot Air Balloon premium content, as well as a cleaner world layout, making it easier for players with a ton of venues and houses to find the perfect spot for each of these lots (shout out to stickykisses for her exuberance regarding that particular aspect of Aurora Skies). 

For players who wanted a new venue, the Gold Edition came with the Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center. Some players (I’ll admit I did this as well when I saw someone do this on the forums) reconfigured the venue to be a massive house, and other players took the opportunity to take the premium content (a walker and a playpen) and extend the toddler life stage, since things like boosting certain skills are now so much easier. I personally increased the Toddler life stage from 2 days to 5 days, and I’m now down to using only one Bonehilda :).  

We did have a few hiccups along the way though – primarily, a lot of people brought up the snow bug that’s been plaguing players with Seasons when playing Aurora Skies. It’s an EP-related bug, and we’re still investigating a permanent solution for this. As I’ve never been a real stickler for graphics (I run TS3 on both a fairly high-end machine, and a relic), my Aurora Skies story took the visual issue as a side effect of the volcanic ground…some spots are just warmer than others, so snow doesn’t stick as easily (Kind of like my explanation for why all the sims are wearing gloves – poor circulation :) ). I’m still excited over the fact the hills look like massive icebergs when it snows.

For those of you who’ve been keeping tabs on my sneak peeks, I’ve been releasing images of the next content we’re releasing on Thursday, March 7th. There’s been an amazing amount of creativity behind what the set could possibly be – home cinema set, a venue, a set with just a bunch of objects and an NSO, etc. 

Well, it’s a venue, and it’s called Le Cinema Plumbob.  It’ll be an Art Deco-style movie theater venue, and it’ll be the first time the Sims 3 has released a movie theater that wasn’t a rabbit hole. I plan on plopping it in every world I use moving forward. I’ll be releasing SimGuruCopeland’s detailed blog on Le Cinema Plumbob a little later, so keep an eye out for it on the Community blog page. For now, here’s a few more amazing images to peruse through.

A look into what we're planning to release Thursday...
POSTED ON 03/04/13
Thought I'd share a picture of what's releasing on Thursday from the Sims 3 Store :)

More to come as we get closer to March 7th!