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: May 2022
Differences Between Therapy Animals & Emotional Support Animals - 2022 Guide
POSTED ON 05/20/22

An emotional support animal is a guaranteed way to bring joy to anyone’s life.  Anyone suffering from any stress, mental illness, or loneliness in life can surely get rid of the issues once they get an emotional support animal. Owning a pet is often beneficial however, an emotional support animal (ESA) has some added benefits too. When a person in need of emotional support gets the recommendation from the doctor in the form of an emotional support animal letter, then the same pet can be used as an ESA or one can get a new pet.


The primary purpose of having an ESA is to help a person suffering from mental issues cope with them. The animals can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other similar mental health issues too.


Although, the conventional methods for curing mental illnesses are medications and counseling, or therapeutic sessions, nonetheless, recent researches have shown tremendous benefits to animals with regards to emotional healing, hence, the concept of emotional support animals has gained enormous fame in recent times.


This letter can be used as an esa letter for housing so that owners can keep the animals with them in their houses even if the landlord does not permit one. Similarly, the same letter can be used to take the ESA on flights although most airlines do not allow pets on airplanes.  


An ESA can be any animal and does not need to belong to a specific species. Although it should be the one that can be taken as a pet and shall be capable of providing emotional support to the owner especially when he or she feels distressed.


Different animals have different natures, temperaments, and personalities; each animal can serve a different purpose and provide emotional support in various forms to their owners depending upon their personality. Cats because of their emotional, loving, and expressive nature prove to be a very good option to be kept as an ESA.


If you are wondering whether you should get a cat as an ESA or not and looking for the evidence-based answer to your confusion, then you have come to the right place. Discussed below are some of the clinically proven benefits of having an ESA cat.


However, once a pet is given an ESA letter, no one can deny entry of the pet anywhere except for public places like restaurants, parks, etc. Hence, the preion of a mental healthcare professional to get an ESA brings lots of privileges along with support to the owner of the pet.


Stress and Anxiety Alleviation


Studies have revealed a very shocking fact about having cats. According to scientific research, just having a cat around even if you are not in physical contact with the cat, can trigger your hormones of happiness. 


The hormones released as a result of this triggering are the ones that cause lowering in anxiety and stress. Hence, just the presence of cats around you can help you cope with the stress and anxiety.