Community Spotlight Interview: ruthless_kk

Have you downloaded a Victorian-style lot from the Exchange? Chances are it was built by one of the community's top creator, ruthless_kk. She's been one of the community's top builders since The Sims 2 and we're happy to see her talents carry over to The Sims 3! Between building fairytale-like cottages and experimenting with Create a World, ruthless_kk was awesome enough to spare a few moments with us in a Community Highlight interview:

How long have you been playing The Sims games?
I have been playing since Sims 2, I think when I started Nightlife, Uni and OFB were all released. I purchased just Sims 2 to see if we would like it.(lol!) and after a week of my daughters and I being totally involved with the game, we went and bought all the EPs that were out.

What got you into building?
I would have started with Sims a lot sooner if I had known I could build! I enjoy architecture and I always loved to build as a kid - Legos, Lincoln Logs, blocks, you name it. Sims just takes it to a whole other level.

We notice many of your lots are Victorian/cottage style - what inspires you to build in these styles?
I guess part of the appeal is the cute factor. I, personally, like houses that are attractive and cute. Moderns can be very dramatic and stylish, but you don't look at them and say "that's adorable!" The other appeal is the storybook quality...I was into fairytales as a child and I am drawn to that aesthetic.

Is there a style of building you have yet to try that you would like to try?
At some point, I think I have tried them all, and will continue to do so. I don't want to limit myself in any way. It just depends on whether or not I have a good idea, regardless of the style.

What was the most challenging lot you have built?
Since you say "lot" I won't mention my custom world. That was definitely the MOST challenging! As far as lots go, there are a few Victorians that have given me a hard time because I could not get the shape right or I could not easily find a color scheme I liked. The Row House Apartments have to be close to the top of the list. Getting the right balance on the exterior in both shape and color had me pulling out my hair until I hit the right combination.

Do you collaborate with any other builders?
I am a member of several building groups, such as The Flip Team, Builders Boulevard, and Neighborly Sims and we all help each other with works in progress...providing suggestions and ideas. It is wonderful to have a supportive group to bounce ideas off of! I have yet to actually "share" a build with someone at this point.

How much of your time do you spend building Lots compared to playing the rest of the game?
It used to be 50/50...but to be honest, these days I think most of my time is spent building and the "playing" I do is play testing to make sure a lot works correctly. I think it's crucial as a builder to actually play the game, though. That way I know what works and what doesn't, what Sims need to be happy, what makes a lot more player friendly. Playability is very important to me.

What's next on your plate? What are you planning to build next?
There is no telling! It just depends on when the light bulb goes off. I do have plans for another tutorial on interiors and I am also kicking around an idea for a medieval based custom world.

What new items did you enjoy with The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack, when it comes to building?
For building, the plants and landscaping items are my favorites, hands down - followed very closely by colorable stairs and fences. WA added tons of gorgeous trees and bushes, so many more options to play around with! Oh and the basement tool too - can't forget that. WA was very builder friendly, it gave us lots of new things to use.

What was the highlight of your Simming experience?
The Simposium was an amazing experience! I never thought I would ever get to do something like that. I particularly enjoyed meeting other simmers that I knew from the community....everyone was so nice. It was great to be in an environment where everyone was so enthusiastic about The Sims. It was also my first time to visit San Francisco, and I was in Victorian heaven!

Do you have a gaming ritual that you must perform before sitting down to play The Sims 3 (can be a ritual for Lot building as well) i.e. get into comfy slippers and blanket, handy snack nearby, crank up some tunes.
I must have a Diet Coke within reach at all times...and my house has to be clean. I am a bit of a neat freak, so I can't relax and enjoy the Sims unless I have things in order.

Thank you so much, ruthless_kk, for taking part in this interview! We look forward to seeing your new creations! Want to download her creations? Head over to her studio in her My Page!