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: October 2011
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Limited Edition Pet Store

We want The Sims 3 Pets launch to be a celebrated event for our entire community, and a fantastic part of that will be the Limited Edition. When the game releases, the Limited Edition will be sold at the exact same price as the standard version for anyone who pre-ordered the game from a participating retailer ! This package was great fun for the team to brainstorm as we tossed out a variety of ways we could reward our fans with a special thank-you. Ultimately we settled on creating the Pet Store, a brand new venue, filled with unique objects and ready to be placed into the world of your choice. Of course, one of the great things about The Sims is the level of customization, and we know many of you will design and build really cool customized Pet Stores, and you\u2019ll be able to share them with other Limited Edition owners on The Sims 3 Exchange.

We\u2019re thrilled about how the Pet Store really complements the gameplay in The Sims 3 Pets. It\u2019s a great place for Sims to visit, socialize, and shop \u2013 allowing players to let the Sims be the center of attention when it comes to providing for their lovable pets. At the Pet Store, you\u2019ll be able to purchase a variety of exclusive Limited Edition objects. As your Sim strolls to the counter, you\u2019ll find a variety of useful supplies and special toys to enrich your pets\u2019 lives, all free to players with the Limited Edition. We can\u2019t wait to see how you work them into your games!

A Brand New Open World

We\u2019re very excited to bring back a feature our players love and continue to ask for \u2013 a brand new world for their Sims to live and play in! We wanted a world that complemented the new ability to control pets. A neighborhood that made sense for Sims to live in, and provided a lot of excitement when seen through the eyes of a cat, dog, or horse. Horses are big creatures, and they give Sims a new way to explore every hidden nook and cranny of the countryside! Imagine your Sim living on an expansive ranch in the flood plains, scattering hay on the barn floor and then looking up to see a herd of wild horses cresting the ridge in the distance. These are the types of cool moments we set out to create. Whether you\u2019re hunting as a cat or digging for buried treasure as a dog, you\u2019ll come across many of these great moments!

For the first time since the launch of The Sims 3, we\u2019ve created completely new buildings to give this town a look and feel all its own. What was once a sleepy ranching community turned into a bustling hub of activity as city slickers arrived with their money and a taste for country  living. The clash between old and new is clear, with some old hands clinging to the life they knew, alongside dot-com millionaires who think if they throw enough money around, they\u2019ll eventually breed the best horses in town. Appaloosa Plains is the perfect place for Sims and their four-legged companions to settle down and live out their lives.

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Posted by: The_PopTart

Direct Control of Pets

In every expansion pack for The Sims, not  only do we try to give players new content and features, but we strive to deliver brand new experiences for them and their Sims. For The Sims 3 Pets, we decided to give you direct control over the animals in your Sims\u2019 household. For the first time ever in The Sims Franchise, you will be able to explore the world, have relationships, and build skills (to name a few things) as a pet. In other words, you\u2019ll be able to play with life as an animal! We\u2019re really excited about this entirely new way to play The Sims. Not only can you interact with your pets, but you get to be the pets.

In developing this new way to play, we had to imagine what it was like to be an animal. What motivates a dog to fetch a stick? Why do cats like to scratch up the sofa? Do horses actually like jumping? After spending many hours at our local SPCAs, dog pounds, horse ranches, and at home with our own pets, we got together and shared notes on how animals interacted with each other, how they interacted with us, and what we felt were some key moments we wanted to include in the game to make the experience of playing as a pet as authentic as possible. So, in addition to tons of Pet-specific traits, moodlets, and memories, we decided that a pet\u2019s motives also play a big part in creating a pet-centric experience. For instance, when playing as a dog, you can satisfy Dog Hunger \u2013 hungry dogs will behave differently, and be satisfied in different ways, than hungry Sims. As a dog, do you beg a Sim to feed you? Do you go out into the world to forage for food? Perhaps you munch on some kitty litter. You, as the player, get to decide how to be a dog! We also added a completely unique motive for each of the species  to make the experience of playing as a pet special for each pet type.

We also wanted to add a pet that could really take advantage of the vast environments of The Sims 3 open worlds. Horses, with their iconic image of galloping across wide open plains, were the perfect animal to include. As we considered adding them to the game, we realized that not only do horses provide an awesome new visual experience, but they provide a really special pet-to-Sim relationship, one that creates lots of new opportunities for gameplay and storytelling.

We wanted to capture this unique relationship in the game, so whether you\u2019re directly controlling a horse, or controlling a Sim that is interacting with a horse, their relationship means everything. From mounting and riding a horse, to receiving carrots and being brushed, a good relationship between Sim and horse is crucial. In fact, we\u2019ve given horses two brand new skills, jumping and racing, which are directly related to the new riding skill for Sims. Your Sims and horses will have to work together to build these skills \u2013 skills that will be valuable when if you choose to compete at the new Equestrian Center.

Of course, a horse is never really complete without its saddle. In the new Create a Pet, you\u2019ll not only be able to fully customize the appearance and personality of your horse with precise new controls, but you\u2019ll be able to outfit your horses with lots of different saddles, authentic tack, and loads of accessories. We\u2019re excited to see the awesome horses we know you\u2019re going to create!

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Posted by: The_PopTart