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: April 2013
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Meet Gary, another winner of The Sims 3 University Life’s Inspiring Creativity Contest.  Gary’s contest entry won him a Master Class Studio Visit to meet The Sims 3 development team at their studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. Read below to find out how Gary first got involved with The Sims.

I couldn’t be bothered with video games, then one Christmas our daughter asked for The Sims 2. She hated building the houses and asked me to do it. Next thing you know she’s giving up altogether and guess who’s hooked? And so I built…. and built, and built. A few years prior to getting unwittingly involved in Sim building, I made a career change. It was at this time that I went online to feed my growing Sim building fetish. The things I saw when I started searching around the fan sites were just mind blowing. Connecting with others, asking questions, and sharing your builds for others to download…. now I was hopelessly and irreversibly hooked.That was late 2008…

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Posted by: The_PopTart