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: October 2012
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Hi Sim Fans!

Last month we spotted this really awesome YouTube video of fellow fan, Mspurpleshell. It caught the team’s attention so much that we reached out to Mspurpleshell to ask her a few questions for a community spotlight! We’re always excited to see the creativity of our fans and this video really was impressive. In it, you’ll see that Mspurpleshell demonstrates her musical talents in a beautiful cover of Mayzie Grobe, the song that was featured in The Sims 3 Seasons announcement trailer. As Mspurpleshell sings the Simlish vocals exceptionally, she also plays the instrumentals of the song including the guitar and violin.

We reached out to Mspurpleshell for a 1:1 interview where she discloses her love of The Sims and relives some of her favorite moments with us. Here’s how it went.

SimGuruPopTart: – How long have you been playing The Sims games?
Answer: I've been playing The Sims since 2000 so I've been a pretty long-timed fan. I think my sister bought it and I started playing as, of course, the Newbies. That charming bald head, lumberjack beard, and sloppy shirt; Bob is one hell of a memorable guy. Bob and Betty Newbie will always be the classics.

SimGuruPopTart: – What makes you a fan of The Sims?
Answer: The gameplay itself is already interesting to make me hooked on it. Sometimes I don't get to do certain things in real life --say, becoming a vampire-- and being able to do so in the world of Sims is pretty cool. I can be many different characters and get to test my creative side in story-telling. Of course, I tend to chicken out and make my Sims life a happy ending.

Also, The Sims have a great team that are all about improving and expanding the game. It's nice to know that the game you're a fan of isn't being neglected and, instead, is continuously being perfected. When comparing the original The Sims series to The Sims 3, it makes me excited to see what other magic tricks they have up their sleeves.

SimGuruPopTart: What’s been your favorite The Sims game of all time?
Answer: Without a doubt, The Sims Unleashed. I thought I was happy just being able to go on dates, and vacations with my Sims, but when Unleashed was, well... unleashed, I was even more in love with the game.

I never had pets as a child, so being able to have one without actually messing up my house and making my mom mad was a dream come true! Weird dream, I know. I started with the nurse with 1 puppy (Charming family I believe?) and it felt nice to be greeted by your dog after a long night shift at the hospital.

I think we were even able to garden in that EP. You see how many exciting new features the EP introduced?! Even though The Sims 3 Pets is also great with the new horse pet choice, but The Sims Unleashed will always have a special place in my heart.

SimGuruPopTart: Where did you learn to sing Simlish?
Answer: Oh, just in my room with headphones on that's playing a great Simlish song.

Since Simlish is an original language, I assumed that the only person that would know the exact lyrics was the writer themselves. So, to avoid using the internet to stalk people, I just listened by ear and tried to make it sound as close as the actual lyrics.

I'm lucky that the singers usually have good annunciation, and the lyrics sometimes closely resembles a real word so I just had to click replay a lot to finally decide what they said. I found that P's and b's were the most difficult to distinguish along with other similar sounding consonants.

Actually at some point, I had another Sims fan offer me a translation service so I didn't have to deal with it. That was pretty cool.

SimGuruPopTart: What’s a funny moment from The Sims that you can share with us?
Answer: I remember my first freak out when I heard Sims sing. It was when you sat around the firewood/camp outside and you had the option to play guitar so you could start singing with everyone around you. I was listening to it and I recognized the tune, but it was sung in Simlish! I started shouting and calling for my sister to check it out.

SimGuruPopTart: What are you looking forward to most about The Sims 3 Seasons?
Answer: Weather change and SNOW! I don't have snow where I live, so if my Sims can enjoy snow, I'd be a happy person. I didn't get to enjoy the Season EP in The Sims 2 because I was studying abroad and brought a Mac with me. So when The Sims 3 came out for both PC and Mac in the same package, I was really happy.

Halloween looks fun too. It seems like a great combination with The Sims 3 Supernatural :) Overall, I'm looking forward to another great EP from The Sims Team.

SimGuruPopTart: Would you like to tell the fans something in Simlish?
Answer: By combining Simlish lyrics and dictionary, I'll say:
Hooba Noobie! Cummuns nala? Abe zor Sims 3, letsigo truplay!

 In light of the music theme of this community spotlight, we thought it would be appropriate today to reveal the full list of new Simlish songs that will appear in The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack.

Here they are:

Avalanche City – Love Love Love
JJ – Big Hearts, Big Dreams
Lord Huron –- Time To Run
Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks
The Shoaks – Mayzie Grobe

Rita Ora – Shine Ya Light
Sissie Marie – Paralyzed
Not Piloting – Soma Terra Loon
Becky G – Teen In the City
Erin McCarley – Elevator

As we mentioned, we’re always looking to see the creativity of our fans and will continue to do community spotlights. Keep on posting, sharing and telling us about your experiences with The Sims 3 and we could be interviewing you next!


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