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: March 2012
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Somehow I don’t think he meant to do that. We invited our Facebook fans to share their funniest captions. Here are some of our favorites that were shared!

That moment when you realize you left your cell phone in your pocket.

I hope my clothes dont shrivle up.... this is dry clean only!!!!

Why did I have them super glue the door shut?

Sooo...anybody wanna help me now?!?

No more beans before a show, no more beans before a show!!

Hurry! Quit without saving!

Okay, okay, I know there's a word to get out of this...What is it? Alakazam? Tada? Oh, I know, HELP!

I will now pretend that I do NOT need air!!

It's going to stop, right? RIGHT?

If your lifeguard duties were as good as your singing, a lot of people would be drowning.

I guess i'm NOT related to Harry Houndini.

Secretary, you signed up the details of my insurance right?

Oh no I forgot the key to get out of here on the table!

HEY, this isn't the phonebooth!! (do we have a phonebooth in the game? If not, let’s remove this one. )

I'm not even a magician, I'm a singer!

And for my next trick !!!! Growing gills!!!

I don't always perform magic tricks, but when I do I drown.

I probably should have sawed my assistant in half after this act.

Dang I knew I shoulda wore my swim trunks today.......

This is the first step to become a merman.

Wait... where did this water come from?

Stupid me, I should've join the singing career instead.

I thought you said this was a cash box!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.


04:04 PM
Posted by: The_PopTart