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: February 2012
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Send and Receive Sims in The Sims 3 Showtime
A Guide to Using SimPort

SimPort is an all-new, connected feature in The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion pack. With SimPort, you now have the option to share experiences in-game by sending Sims to your friend's games and hosting their  Sims in your games, too.

To use SimPort, log into The Sims 3 game using your MyPage login information. By logging in, you will be able to view your player profile as well as access various other connected features such as real-time status updates, messages to friends and friend requests. Only players who are already friends will be able to send Sims to one another using SimPort.

To host or send a Sim on tour, access your SimPort book in the start-up menu, on your Sim's computer or through your Sim's cell phone. Tour requests will appear from your friends on the right hand side of the book. If your Sim qualifies for the request, you may accept it and send your Sim on tour to that friend's game. In addition, tour requests may come through on your player wall and through in-game notifications. You may also create and send out tour requests to your friends.

In order for Sims to be eligible to go on tour, they will need to have a household of at least two members and be a level two performer. Only one Sim can be on tour at a time. Once your Sim goes on tour, they could be away for up to 12 Sim hours, or less depending on how soon your friend is able to accept the tour request. After your Sim completes their performance, they will return back to your game with a full report of their performance and the rewards they’ve earned. Both you and your friend will receive a stamp in your SimPort books - making your way closer to unlocking exclusive content.

AND YET THERE'S STILL ANOTHER BENEFIT! Sending a Sim out on tour before quitting your game session is a great way for your Sims to continue to make money and gain experience while you’re not playing! If your friend accepts your tour request while you are offline, your Sim will come back to your game with stamps, simoleans and lifetime happiness.
The way you access Host a Sim is the same way you access Send a Sim. You can choose to accept a friend’s tour request or send out an invite to your friends to host their Sim in your game. If you chose to host a friend’s Sim, it allows you to see your friend’s Sim come into your town – a new way to share experiences with your friends. You’ll be notified prior to the start of your friend’s Sim’s show in the town and you will be able to customize their stage. You then can watch their show and have the crowd interact with their performer. After your friend’s Sim is finished performing, they will return back to their game, and both you and your friend will receive stamps in your SimPort books, which is another step forward towards unlocking exclusive content.

We hope you have a great time using SimPort to share your Sims with your friends. We look forward to hearing from you about your Sims' adventures as they hop into your friend's games around the world!

10:57 PM
Posted by: SimGuruHydra