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: April 2021
POSTED ON 04/06/21
Mrs. Mower toweled off in her steam-fogged bathroom. To her dislike, rubbing the thick cloth made her lower body jiggle as she dried off. She hanged up the white towel and wiped off the moisture from the mirror with her hand  bigtitstube . When she saw her reflection, the comments her husband and Mr. Rungard had recently made came to mind. Her husband said she would look good in a tight pair of polyester police pants, if a pair would fit over her ***. During their last romp, he'd referred to her as a PAWG. She had to do a web search to find the term. And, like her husband, Mr. Rungard called her butt the juiciest he'd seen  thelivesexcams.org . The two men meant them as compliments, she knew without a doubt, but the comments made her see an over-sized butt. If she were in a rap video she might not feel as she did, but there were no cameras rolling, not at the moment at least.