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: October 2022
How To Maintain A Safe Environment With Fireworks? - Showtime Fireworks
POSTED ON 10/10/22

Buying the Environmental Friendly Fireworks:

• Only buy fireworks from a legitimate retailer

• Inform your neighbours and be aware of their concerns 

e.g. pets, livestock, etc

• Ensure that the fireworks you are buying are Category 2 and

 3 also known as consumer fireworks in order to comply with 

British Standards (BS 7114).

• Read the instructions during daylight hours

• One person – clearly identified – should be responsible 

for the fireworks

Things you’ll need:

• Torch for checking product instructions

• Bucket of water

• Gloves and eye protection

• Bucket of soft earth to stick fireworks in

• Appropriate support for wheels and fountains, and 

proper launchers  for rockets  ...... Read more