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: September 2020
Tattoo cope and home remedies for the wound
POSTED ON 09/21/20

Tattoos are, rather than ornaments, a way of understandinglife, in the most superficial, it is still a wound. Therefore, we show you howto heal a tattoo. When we get a tattoo we have to be aware that the tattooartist has been introducing different inks into our skin with very fineneedles, therefore, the healing and healing process will take a while.

Tattoo cope

First of all, it is essential to follow the instructions ofthe tattoo artist to the letter. We should know that it is important to go to atattoo studio, with proven hygiene and professionalism, because true tattooartists are professional and serious people, and with them, you can be surethat you will not be in any danger.


When we leave his study, he will have cleaned the area welland will have applied an antibacterial ointment, to avoid infections. And then,it will have been covered with a dressing that should remain on our tattoo forat least two hours. A tattoo can take about a week to heal, although there willalways be a series of copes that we must take into account for the future,especially if we do gymnastics, and also if we like to sunbathe or bathe on thebeach.

How to cope for a tattoo

Once we have removed the dressing, we will let the tattoo bein the air for the next 24 hours, and we will only cover it to shower and thatthe skin does not come into contact with the water.


For the cope of the tattoo we must be very attentive incleaning and healing at least 2 or 3 times a day, that is, every 8 hours, forat least the first week, until we see that it is healing.


For cleaning, first, we will wash our hands very well, andproceed to wash the tattoo with cold water and a neutral soap, without any typeof smell or perfume, rubbing gently with the fingertips, without using spongesor cloths. We will feel great relief with wet and fresh skin. Afterward, we drywith a soft cotton towel, without rubbing, simply placing it copefully on topof the tattoo, to let it absorb the water. Then we will apply a healingointment that the tattoo artist has recommended. We must apply a very thinlayer and let it dry in the air so that it penetrates well into the skin.Afterward, we will cover the tattoo with a dressing to protect it.

Tricks to cope for a tattoo

In addition to the cope already mentioned to know how totake cope of a tattoo, there are a series of tricks, and tattoo aftercare creamshome remedies, as well as warnings, that we must follow to the letter so as notto damage our tattoo and that it always looks beautiful:


Although we may be tempted to scratch when it is healing, weshould not. When it heals, scabs will form, which is normal, and if we scratchthem, we can create holes or spots  andwe can infect it. It is best to use a moisturizing cream that refreshes us andcombats persistent itchiness.

When the tattoo is freshly done we should avoid bathing inbeaches or pools, because water can damage its appearance due to salt andchlorine. Once the tattoo is settled on our skin, we can bathe and wet thetattoo without any problem.

We must protect tattoos from the sun when they are new. Totake cope of a tattoo in good conditions, we must not let it shine in the sun,or expose ourselves to it because it can cause blisters on the skin. Also, inkis a chemical product, and the tattoo can fade. In the first months, and if itcoincides with the months of sun and beach, we must keep our tattoo covered.

If we practice sports or some type of gymnastics, nothinghappens if we practice daily and regularly. But if we do bodybuilding sports wemust know that, at first, we would have to do a very mild sport, since thedevelopment of the muscle can negatively affect the tattoo Ointmentsthat is slightly deformed and does not keep the desired proportions.