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: May 2013
The video door monitor situation
POSTED ON 05/14/13

A racehorse, clearing Balesuna Shoal with half a cablelength to spare. Just before she rounded the point she was swallowed up in a terrific squall that far out-blew the first. All that night, while squall after squall smote Berande, uprooting trees, overthrowing copra-sheds, and rocking the house on its tall piles, Sheldon slept. He was unaware of the commotion. He never wakened. Nor did he change his position or dream. He awoke, a new man.

Furthermore, he was hungry. It was over a week since food had passed his lips. He drank a glass of condensed cream, thinned with water, and by ten o'clock he dared to take a cup of beef-tea. He was cheered, also, by the video door monitor situation in the hospital. Despite the storm there had been but one death, and there was only one fresh case, while half a dozen boys crawled weakly away to the `arracks. He wondered if it was the wind that was blowing the disease away and cleansing the pestilential land.


By eleven a messenger arrived from Balesuna village, dispatched by Seelee. The Jessie had gone ashore half-way between the village and Neal Island. It was not till nightfall that two of the crew arrived, reporting the drowning of Oleson and of the one remaining boy. As for the Jessie, from what they told him Sheldon could not but conclude that she was a total loss. Further to hearten video door bell



These video door intercom
POSTED ON 05/09/13

Followed the generals through the ranks, with an effort restraining his quivering strut, and darted up at every word and every gesture of the commander-in-chief,it was evident that he performed his duties as a subordinate with even greater zest than his duties as a commanding officer. Thanks to the strictness and assiduity of its commander, the regiment was in excellent form as compared with the others that had arrived at Braunau at the same time.


The sick and the stragglers left behind only numbered two hundred and seventeen, and everything was in good order except the soldiers boots. Kutuzov walked through the ranks, stopping now and then, and saying doorbell a few friendly words to officers he had known in the Turkish war, and sometimes to the soldiers. Looking at their boots, he several times shook his head dejectedly, and pointed them out to the Austrian general with an expression as much as to say that he blamed no one for it, but he could not help seeing what a bad state of things it was.


The general in command of the regiment, on every occasion such as this, ran forward, afraid of missing a single word the commander-in-chief might utter regarding the regiment. Behind Kutuzov, at such a distance that every word, even feebly articulated, could be heard, followed his suite, consisting of some twenty persons. These video door intercom



Seen video door bell him
POSTED ON 05/05/13

Repeated twenty times over. At that moment a carriage and a little cart drove up to the steps, and Door Bell got out of the carriage, helped his little wife out and let her pass into the house before him. Grey Tihon in his wig, popping out at the door of the waiting-room, informed him in a whisper that the prince was taking a nap and made haste to close the door. Tihon knew that no extraordinary event, not even the arrival of his son, would be permitted to break through the routine of the day.

Door Bell was apparently as well aware of the fact as Tihon. He looked at his watch as though to ascertain whether his father's habits had changed during the time he had not seen video door bell him, and satisfying himself that they were unchanged, he turned to his wife. He will get up in twenty minutes. Let's go to Marie, he said. The little princess had grown stouter during this time, but her short upper lip, with a smile and the faint moustache on it, rose as gaily and charmingly as ever when she spoke.


Why, it is a palace, she said to her husband, looking round her with exactly the expression with which people pay compliments to the host at a ball. Come, quick, quick! As she looked about her, she smiled at Tihon and at her husband, and at the footman who was showing them in. It is Marie practising? Let us go quietly, we must surprise her. Door Bell followed video door systems