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: September 2023
Games that have had a significant impact on the gaming industry
POSTED ON 09/28/23

The serious development of games in single-player and online began in the 90s and has not stopped to this day, but is only gaining momentum.

Of these, there are several that have had a significant impact not only on their genre, but also on the entire gaming industry, because developers often adopt features and ideas, and this is how trends and games emerge with a huge number of mechanics and possibilities in the future.

World of Warcraft

A cult MMO RPG that has collected and continues to gather thousands of players on its servers. The project had its ups and downs, but its impact on the gaming industry is enormous.

First of all, because of the system of confrontation between two factions, recognizable by everyone - the Horde and the Alliance. A film was made about this, and even those who have never set foot on continental Azeroth know about it.

The Skycoach service provided statistics showing that the largest number of gold orders falls on WoW and is ahead of many newer projects despite it seemingly being outdated, but World of Warcraft confidently holds its niche, and for fans of old updates rather than new ones they even launched servers with WoW WOTLK to please nostalgic players.

Two sides of the conflict

WoW was one of the first to choose the obligatory side of the confrontation, which you need to choose initially and continue to develop your hero, taking into account the fact that you have friends and enemies.

This means that in all locations you will always have the support of your allies, but you should also keep your enemies in sight in case of a future battle.

Players unite in groups, or gang alone - WoW encourages battle and gives out special coins, for which you can get good equipment and weapons exclusively for PVP tasks against other players.

Some players are really rushing to get as much out of the game as possible in terms of the final available content, such as the Dragonflight update and flying on dragons.

The other part is engaged in leisurely gameplay and, to a greater extent, first gradually equips its hero and only then moves on to the best conditions for itself.

A third of players don't really participate in social life at all, but simply grind and collect resources - accumulating gold for fun and simply destroying monsters as a form of gameplay that they like.

Such players fish, hunt, wander around the market and communicate with each other.


The project from the Maxis company made a splash in the life simulator, offering a project that still has no analogues.

The Sims is childish in places and doesn't have a lot of interesting life nuances that are expanded with the help of mods, but overall it is one of the most influential projects in the gaming industry.

Gameplay close to real life

You will have an avatar with a hero, or a whole family that needs to be placed in a house, find them a job, go to school and take care of all their needs.

You can live your character's entire life from infancy to old age and help fulfill his dreams of wealth, fame, or a large and friendly family, and even look for ways to extend his life.


A project from Rockstar Games that changed the gaming industry forever after the release of the third part.

Before this, no project could offer the concept of a free world and a living and dynamic environment. Maybe Mafia from Illusion Software, but it’s more about history and content, rather than a living and interactive city.

People on the streets walk, talk and drive cars - now this is commonplace, but then it was something completely new and unique.

In general, GTA revealed the mechanics of racing, traveling, shooting and obtaining weapons, which are closely intertwined with the game plot and the mechanics of interaction with the game world.

GTA Vice City appeared thanks to inspiration from films about the Miami mafia - Scarface.

You will play as Tommy Verseti and in addition to the storyline, you will also find new mechanics for buying real estate and businesses and completing tasks to ensure profit for her.

GTA San Andrés was a turning point and revolutionary, about the history of the ghetto and friendship, as well as a new large game world and new mechanics.

Now the total territory is covered by three cities, between which you can travel by car, plane, or train.

The robberies are the best thing in the entire series - the system for selecting an object, thinking through tools, choosing a plan, recruiting a team and the execution itself - this is what people love about Part 5 and the online mode, where there are many more heist formats.