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: December 2023
Why Photoshop users should learn tools like pen tool?
POSTED ON 12/27/23

Learning tools like the Pen Tool in Photoshop is essential for the students in graphic design courses in Delhi who want to enhance their precision, control, and overall proficiency in image editing. Here are several reasons why Photoshop users, especially those involved in graphic design and detailed image manipulation, should learn and master the Pen Tool:

  1. Precision and Accuracy:
    • The Pen Tool allows for precise and accurate selections and paths. This is crucial when working on detailed images, logos, or any project where accuracy is paramount.
  2. Bezier Curve Control:
    • The Pen Tool uses Bezier curves, enabling users to create smooth and adjustable curves. This level of control is valuable for creating intricate shapes and paths.
  3. Clipping Paths and Selections:
    • The Pen Tool is widely used for creating clipping paths and selections, particularly when isolating objects from their backgrounds. This is crucial in tasks like product photography and design.
  4. Vector Paths:
    • Paths created with the Pen Tool are vector-based, meaning they can be scaled infinitely without losing quality. This is beneficial for creating logos, illustrations, or any graphics that may need to be resized.
  5. Shape Creation:
    • Users can create custom shapes with the Pen Tool, giving them the flexibility to design unique and complex graphics.
  6. Masking:
    • The Pen Tool is frequently used for creating precise masks. Without Pen tool, we can’t make the vector mask in Photoshop.
  7. Path Editing and Adjustment:
    • Once a path is created, the Pen Tool allows for easy editing and adjustment. Users can refine the path, add or remove anchor points, and modify curves as needed.
  8. Consistent Line Work:
    • The Pen Tool helps maintain consistent and smooth lines, which is crucial for professional-looking designs. 
  9. Working with Text:
    • When creating custom text paths or shapes for text to follow, the Pen Tool is an invaluable tool. This allows for creative and precise text placement.
  10. Complex Image Editing:
    • For intricate image editing tasks, such as cutting out detailed objects or creating complex shapes, the Pen Tool provides the level of control needed to achieve professional results.
  11. Time Efficiency:
    • While the Pen Tool may have a learning curve, mastering it can significantly improve efficiency. Once learned, it can be a faster and more precise method for certain tasks compared to other selection tools.

In summary, the Pen Tool in Photoshop is a powerful and versatile tool that, when mastered, enhances a user's ability to create detailed and professional-level graphic designs, illustrations, and photo manipulations. Every students pursing training at Photoshop training institute in Delhi should learn Pen without any doubt.

Timeless Graphic Design Software Every Design Course Student Should Know
POSTED ON 12/08/23

Graphic design is a demanding field which requires creativity and technical knowledge or artistic and analytical skills. Most of graphic designers use designing software and tools to create visual content for different purposes and audience, such as logos, posters, websites, and apps. Although for become a professional graphic designer, you are required to master the basic principles and techniques of graphic design, such as colour, typography, layout, and composition. To do so, join graphic design courses in Delhi which cover everything you need to be a qualified designer.

There are many skills that a graphic design course should cover. Some of the essential skills that every graphic design course in Delhi should learn are:

Typography skills-  Typography is an art of arranging type to make written language readable, and appealing when displayed on any packaging or paper, one of most important skills for graphic designer. Basically it contains line and letter spacing, in any text. 

Font selection-Font always plays a crucial role in designing if your font size is not be readable to audience then your audience become discomfort and not understand as well as not able to connect with you also always make sure space in between words and sentences is important use font like serif, sanserif and display easily to clients and customer.

Colour theory- Colour theory is based on a colour wheel that contribute the categories and relationships of colours. Colours play a main role in designing concept, you should always apply colour in contrast based which becomes attractive and not use dark colour which feels discomfort to client.

Image editing- Most and important skill which you learn after doing graphic course is to make image new by using effects and background in picture image editing has high demand and its own benefit and uses, you can easily edit any picture with your own choice.

An ideal diploma in graphic design in Delhi covers all the mentioned points to prepare students for the design industry.

Here are some of the best graphic design software that every design course student should know:

•  Adobe Photoshop: This is one of the most popular or demanding that widely used in graphic design course, Photoshop is an editing based software although it works with pixels, and is ideal for editing photos and images. Photoshop is also used to create graphics, such as logos, icons, and illustrations, as well as to add effects, filters, and text.

•  Adobe Illustrator: This is another popular and widely used graphic design software, Illustrator is a vector-based software and easy to use However it works with mathematical equations, and is ideal for creating and editing graphics, such as logos, icons, and illustrations. Although illustrator software can also be used to create graphics for print, web, and mobile, with this software you can easily add effects, gradients, and patterns for clients or company. 

•  CorelDRAW:  Corel-draw is also an editing software that works in a creating and editing scalable such as logos, icons, and illustrations. Corel-draw can also be used to create graphics for print, web, and mobile, as well as to add effects in picture or video patterns. Corel-draw is easily compatible with both Windows and Mac.

These are main and important software which is used in designing the layouts and edit picture quality. For a graphic designer student you should learn skills of editing which helps you to grow in future and improve knowledge. Best way to get the required skills is joining the best institute for graphic designing in Delhi.