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: January 2013
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POSTED ON 01/28/13
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Let’s get one thing out of the way: this review is not for Twilight fans. If you are a Twilight fan, go watch Breaking Dawn part 2, you’ll probably enjoy it. I’m not judgmental. You have the right to be happy. You don’t need me raining on your parade. Just leave the room and let me talk to the other guy, because I’m going to say a lot of mean things about the film. Okay, she gone? Then I need you to do one thing for me. This is the only favor I’m going to ever ask of you: For the love of god, don’t watch this thing! I’m more serious than anyone will ever be. Imagine me saying that like I’m Dr. Brown and you just told me the DeLorean needs 1.21 Gigawatts to work as a time machine. I’m bulging my eyes. Spit is flying into your face. If you’re summoned to go, find an excuse. Tell your girlfriend you have a headache, or if that doesn’t fly, hike it up to a bad case of the Black Plague. Tell her you’ve just killed a guy and needs to cool your heels for a while. You need to understand how serious this is. Watching this film is a health hazard, it compromises your spiritual connection to the world and your chance of salvation in the rapture, it throws all your chakras off-balance, it magically erases all your diplomas, it will get you fired from your job, and it’s unpatriotic. re about 30,000 cougars in the U.S. You know how many deer are there in America? 25 million! That’s a deer for every twelve people in the country! It’s becoming a serious overpopulation problem. Well, way to go, Bella. Real conservationist you are. Maybe you want to head to China and kill some tigers next. From then, we find that Bella has a baby now. Yay. Only it’s not really hers. And it’s a CGI baby. Boo. Looking at that computer baby was the most unsettling experience I have ever had during a film, and I’ve already watched Ichi The Killer. And what’s weird is that it seems that she’s still computer-generated even after she grows into a ten-year old kid.

Anyway, apparently the Italian guys who run the vampire business take exception to kids, because vampire kids start killing left and right if you don’t appease them with a trip to the Chucky Cheese or a Nintendo 3DS, and that caused real embarrassment during the middle ages when the night sky looked like Highlander II, so Bella and the gang start mustering some buddies to bear witness that their baby ain’t like those rabble-rousers, since she was born, not bitten. And then a lot of things happen. And I mean a lot of things. The movie throws stuff at you like it’s a self-conscious infomercial host desperately trying to sell you that complete set of eggplant peelers even though he himself justifiably has no faith in the product. There are no smooth transitions from scene to  bored with it!