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: April 2022
how to tap into my feminine energy?
POSTED ON 04/28/22

As a woman, I believe you have a power that has been hidden for millennia, at least in Western society. In a patriarchal environment, having female energy as a businesswoman or corporate woman implies your energy balance is almost certainly masculine. Not a critique. For decades, strong women have been praised for displaying the masculine energy's strength and harshness. And the mumpreneur is at the core of this new strategy. How to tap into my feminine energy on yogitimes?

Women leaders are slowly taking over the world, bringing with them much of feminine energy. This feminine spirit is seen as wise and illuminating, not weak or mushy. Intuition has led the successful mumpreneur to embrace her feminine talent. She's spent time working out her ideal parenting, one that enables her, her child, and her business to flourish.

how to tap into my feminine energy?

I'm not asking you to ditch your suits and go barefoot. Unless it is your preferred method. I've been a barefooter since birth. But appreciating your feminine skill and energy is so much more. First, look inside. Confidently accept the awakening and reaffirm your viewpoint. You've always had plenty. Society has swayed you.

Let's dig deeper;

Women want acceptance and direction from others.

Men look inside for approbation and direction.

how to tap into my feminine energy?

It's time to trust your feminine energy to find your own parenting style. It's time to trust your maternal instincts. And you'll do it with love, compassion and freedom. Your feminine muscles will balance and boost your masculine energy. You'll be the fierce female entrepreneur who understands how to balance. You'll be an inspiring mother and a powerful female entrepreneur. Then you'll manage them both with elegance and sympathy.

Are You Willing to Take a Chance?

You're acquainted with yoga, alternative therapies, mindfulness, and personal growth. But there is a reason why youngsters are more aware. how to tap into my feminine energy? Feminine skills are reacted to by moms who accept authentic parenthood. So we're seeking for a fresh perspective.

how to tap into my feminine energy?

Are you ready to take the next step toward motherhood?

Are you ready to learn about motherhood's five facets?

Moon \sAir \sWater \sEarth \sSun

Once you've determined whatever component most describes you and your actual motherhood, you may work on implementing it. You may utilize it to better understand the obstacles of motherhood and how to conquer your feminine energy.

POSTED ON 04/26/22

Transfers from London Airports - Comfort and Safety


Welcome to Westwey Ride London, United Kingdom's largest Chauffeur Service and luxury vehicle transfer service, with the most exclusive chauffeur and the largest fleet. Without a doubt, transferring passengers from airports to hotels in London is more satisfactory for those clients who require a high level of service and want the assurance of having a crew behind them equipped to cope with all types of unanticipated circumstances.


Westwey Ride's London Airport Transfer Service will allow you not to be concerned about the inconveniences that road intervals entail in trips, as well as details such as finding parking for a vehicle, loading your luggage, the inconveniences that a transfer with a chauffeur may entail upon arrival in a place you are unfamiliar with, waiting, driving while tired after a long plane ride, or the dangers that getting behind the wheel can pose even with the immediate effects of jet lag if you come from a different time zone.


Those who have just arrived at the airport and need to conduct activities during the transfer to the hotel, such as those on business trips or those who, even on vacation, cannot completely put aside their work or personal commitments during their trip, do not need to relegate their calls or use of electronic devices when they arrive at their destination, because the chauffeur will always be aware of the route and perfectly informed of the desirability.


Hiring our airport transfer services not only provides you with the comfort and relaxation of having a luxury vehicle or a spacious Chauffeur Service waiting for you when you arrive, but it also provides you with the incentive of not having to worry about the stress of getting to your destination, a way to enjoy the scenery without having to drive, and the comforts and tranquilly that pervade the London as soon as you step foot on land. These are just a few of the benefits and delights of having a Chauffeur Service or a luxury vehicle with a chauffeur waiting for you when you arrive in London for your vacation.


If there is a bad weather on the day of your arrival and there is a demand for local transportation, a private shuttle from the airport is a terrific option to avoid waiting for a taxi or other public vehicle. It is also cost-effective because the price is almost the same, or less, in both circumstances, especially if there is more than one person, and without a doubt, much more comfortable and practical. Not in vain, it is a personalised service and is prepared in preparation for your needs.


Group Transfers by Mercedes Benz V Class


Those who come on a group trip, whether on vacation or for business and want to get from the north or south airport to their hotel face the inconvenience of moving in a particular order and organisation. There are also issues with public transportation punctuality or frequency, the difficulty of getting used to the bus lines in London as soon as you arrive, and, above all, having to move a large number of people to the same destination.


Our Mercedes Benz V Class airport transfer service for groups is the most comfortable and practical option available in London. Hire Mercedes Benz V Class in London which ensures you have all the convenience of not having to wait for a taxi or many taxis, each of which is unrelated to the others, and the coordination challenges that this may entail, as well as not having to worry about their capacity.


At Westwey Ride London, we provide transfer services in comfortable and modern Mercedes Benz V Classes for larger groups, with all the benefits of having enough space to carry out these transfers from the airport, whether they are transfers from London Heathrow, Gatwick Airport, City Airport London, Stansted Airport, Luton to your hotel, without the hassles of having to find a way to get around when you arrive tired from the plane and carrying your luggage.


When your flight lands in London, your chauffeur will be waiting for you in the arrivals area and everything will be in order. The entire group will travel in the same Mercedes Benz V Class or in a well-coordinated convoy of several Mercedes Benz V Classes.


The ideal way to organise a large group of tourists so that getting to the destination lodging from the arrival airport or vice versa is as simple as possible.


Transfers from the hotel to the airport


When time comes to say goodbye to your vacation or business trip and return home, it's always a challenge to reorganise your departure: luggage, calculating travel time, worrying about boarding, waiting time, and so on; and then, once you arrive, the search for the departure terminal with luggage in tow. If our hotel is located far away from the airport from which our aircraft departs, the scenario can quickly become tense.