What do you know - we got the highlights up before Halloween! We've acquainted ourselves with scary Sims, crept through the creepiest lots, shivered through the most spine-tingling stories, and screamed while watching suspenseful machinima. This was truly a tough one - there were so many freakishly fantastic creations! Huge thanks to every participant in one of the most favorite showcases of the year; but, of course a SPOOKTACULAR congratulations to our highlights!
We encourage you to download and enjoy these in your game!*

Below are the links to the featured creations.
You can also find all of the amazing Halloween Showcase submissions
from our community here:

Sims | Lots | Stories & Mashups | Machinima | Flickr




Stories & Mashups

*Note: Some of these creations contain custom content that may not be compatible for your game. Download at your own risk.
Creations containing Store items will not affect the download if you do not own any of the premium objects.