Tricks and Treats!
We kept the lights on after seeing all the hair-raising submissions for our Tricks and Treats showcase! Don't forget to download and recommend these amazing highlights! Of course, HUGE THANKS to all participants!
It is rumored it only snows in the village below because of the inhabitant of the Mansion. It is also rumored he has scissors for hands! Ridiculous right! Made by Sarademoor, please do not re-upload, that makes me a sad panda. ;) Will fit nicely in Midnight Hollow
A Gothic Victorian mansion perfect for Midnight Hollow, Shadowfax Hall sits in gloomy splendor awaiting the family unafraid to inhabit it. Includes 5 large bedrooms, 5 baths, playroom, art studio, library, formal diningroom and a family graveyard. $200k on 50x50 lot. No CC. Made by ruthless_kk
by Manssom
Ernessa is a powerful witch and is often seen together with her beloved cat, Shadow. Ernessa is very protective when it comes to Shadow and they are best of friends. Many people have wondered, who is Ernessa? But the answers are few. Rumour has it though, that she was banished from Bridgeport because of her great powers. Ernessa then destroyed the whole town and left it in ruins. She is now on her way to presume a new life in Midnight Hollow. CC free! Enjoy ^__^ Made by Manssom
Antoinette Versailles has lived hundreds of years. Some think she may be Marie Antoinette herself. No one will ever truly know and when anyone asks her directly, she simply replies, "Let them drink blood!" And, then she smirks and walks away.
Hair: EA, Outfit: EA, Recolors: Cassie, No CC included, Sim was born in Game, Created by Cassie
One stop Magic Shop. Paparazzi got you down? Feeling love sick? Potions added daily. If revenge is on your mind you can check out the wide selection of Voodoo dolls or enhance your skills on the crystal ball so you can avoid those pesky meteors.
The house is cursed. That's villagers' common understanding. It's owners, two young Japanese brothers have been missing for more than a decade and nobody knows where they've gone. Then sims start to see strange shadows through it's windows. Music comming from the house at full moon night. One daredevil sim went there saying he's going to catch mischievous caspers, end up running away from the village next morning. Don't come close there or you'll be cursed also...
This haunted house contains entance,kitchen,dining,livingroom with fireplace,office with fireplace,3 bedroom(one of them have bunk beds)2 bathroom,and some skill games.There is also a attic with hidden room.Out in the garden is a shed and a basement for nectar making and a hidden room.This haunted home is made for the haunted house contest.Fully furnished and CC FREE!Playtested.Enjoy:)By stevesuzz
CC free
This home has a mix of gothic, industrial and modern elements which give it a very unique style and a quirky color palette. Perfect for the existential sim looking for beauty in the bizarre. It has 3 bedrooms, including the nursery, 3 bathrooms, 3 living areas, a basement with playroom and utility room, and a detached garage. It sells for around 210k furnished. See a link for more screenshots in my October 2013 blog. No CC. For the Tricks and Treats Showcase. By TFBob.
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