Keeping Afloat
We've paddled, waded, and snorkeled through many fantastic submissions for our Keeping Afloat Showcase! Congrats to the highlights - and of course, HUGE THANKS to everyone who participated!
by CK213
Private Aquatic Science Ship: $56,602 This vessel has an enclosed helm, kitchen and living area, a science lab on the second deck, and 2 bedrooms and a bathroom below deck. There is storage for your speedboat on the third deck.
Tammy has one semester of University towards her business degree. She also has reached level 10 in scuba diving skill, as well as plenty of other skills well on their way to being maxed.
This Luxurious resort has 4 VIP rooms 2 Suites and a resort tower a nice spa and bar downstairs and two hot tubs outside a big pool with 2 pool bars and a firepit , hope you enjoy it :) .
Soms Sims like castles; some like house boats. Why settle for just one or the other when you can have both - a castle boat! Medieval on the outside, modern on the inside, your new home features 2 bedrooms, 4 all-in-one baths, 2 kitchens, living rooms, study, gym, sauna, balconies, large party area. Appliances and electronics upgraded. Stocked fridge. NO CC!
by Manssom
For those who wants to sail with something stylish and a bit unique. Leviathan has everything you need out on the sea and you will most likely attract attention from passing houseboats! CC free, play tested and upgraded appliances! Enjoy ^__^ Made by Manssom
Historic Stoughton Motel provides vistors with southern hospitatly and a ghostly experience.Said to be haunted by 3 spirits; come stay the night with us, we've been dying to have you.By Springfairy556
Are your hipster sims searching for the ultimate cool place to live? Look no further! The Hipster's Crib has got everything they need and more. Industrial kitchen, trendy living room, fashionable master bedroom, games room, band rehearsal room, an awesome party deck, bbq terrace, 2 bathrooms, you name it, this boat has got it all. It even has a children's bedroom for hipster sims planning on raising a family. Fully upgraded and playtested. No CC, checked with Custard.
A gift for all my friends in Gift Gathering! This houseboat is ideal for a single sim who loves the outdoors. It features open plan living, provides stunning views, & has a double bedroom, bathroom, kitchen-diner, LN bar, 2 fireproof fireplaces, 3 seating areas (1 outdoors, 1 sheltered, & 1 indoors), a single winter/guest bedroom, & basement boat storage. Appliance/plumbing/electics fully upgraded. Costs 80,030. No CC, no CAP - checked in Custard.
Welcome to Azure Reef and Jungle Resort, an intimate, secluded, luxurious cliffside resort located in the beautiful town of Isla Paradiso. Please relax and enjoy our multiple amenities : 2 gigantic pools, gym, all-inclusive buffet, pool bar, hot tubs, massage table, basketball court, private bungalows, 12 VIP rooms, and more! CC free except 3 or 4 patterns. by eStyle36
This Houseboat is an Experiment to find out if the Kraken has a SweetTooth. ~ StarChildXenu
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