Tricks and Treats!
We kept the lights on after seeing all the hair-raising submissions for our Tricks and Treats showcase! Don't forget to download and recommend these amazing highlights! Of course, HUGE THANKS to all participants!
Peter Pumpkin owned a pumpkin farm and he was convinced that his neighbour, his later nemesis Dr. Spin-Eville, was building a spider army to wipe out Peter's future pumpkin harvests and ruin everyone's Halloween feasts. Well, he wasn't going to allow that! After years of pumpkinlifting exercises and passing a superhero styling class, it was time to don his tights, arm himself with homegrown pumpkins and killer one-liners and fight evil! Pumpkin Man to the rescue! No CC, custard checked.
Raven Bones, Happy Halloween, CC Free
This cozy, private residence is located at 19 Swallow Street in Midnight Hollow. Inside, there's 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, a parlor, family room, large kitchen and dining area, a small laundry room, and a rec room at the top of the tower. Upgraded throughout! By bethp62. Please, no re-uploads. Enjoy! :D
A large, dark, forboding castle fit for any ghost or vampire, or vampire-ghost! Featuring a floating tower, imposing main hall, two libraries, one occult and one "mundane" (or is it?), a small parlour for parlour tricks, a large, multi-level crypt (with a few surprises), secret rooms and passages (what self-respecting dark, forboding castle doesn't?), and rumours of a system caves deep beneath the castle housing strange, magical secrets.
Although the exterior of this home screams "keep out" the interior is surprisingly elegant. The main floor has state-of-the-art kitchen, formal dining room, study and large family room. Upstairs there's a master suite, girls room, boys room, nursery & laundry. The attic has a room designed to make any witch happy and a secret laboratory. The basement has skill room, exercise room including pool and play house with "outdoor" play yard. Don't forget to fish in the scary claw shaped pond!
Even Monsters enjoy a good movie, a stiff drink, a lively dance or a fun game. All of these can be found on the Party Barge. There is a small shop selling oddities and a five star restaurant right on board. There is also a room for "experiments" (or to patch up the odd zombie or mix up a useful elixar) because Mad Scientists have an odd definition of "party". Careful not to venture into the elegant Sundown Room, a favorite of the vampires. Made by ZooProfessor3. No Reupload Please.
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