Tricks and Treats!
We kept the lights on after seeing all the hair-raising submissions for our Tricks and Treats showcase! Don't forget to download and recommend these amazing highlights! Of course, HUGE THANKS to all participants!
Welcome to The Widow's Lair, a 4 BR, 4 Bath, home perfect for Halloween. This home has lots to offer, 4 beautiful themed bedroom's just in time for the season. Has a sunk in living room and is very roomy inside, outside has a large creek and a fire pit to sit by, and has it's very on graveyard. No CC, No CAP, Base game only, art on wall was taken by one of my sim's , with the WA Camera, and UL Phone. Enjoy!! Plz. No Re-Uploading. By BreeMiles.
Are you tired of all the darkness in MH? Here is a little brighter house for your sims! On three floors, lounge, study, kitchen, dining, 3 bedrooms, (master, children, guests), 3 bathrooms, a games room, a relax room and another one for magic! Garden with pool, bbq, pizza oven, small pond, wishing well, archery, campfire. 2 cars parking. - by paogae
As with all drow, these elves prefer darkness and the sneaky underground life. Along with their zombified pets, they live in a stony underfground lair with secret rooms, dark magic, and gothic decor. Mushrooms dot the barren landscape, and whatever does grow is blackened and twisted. No CC.
Devil's Lair is a spooky house for your sims. Specially built for Halloween. This house has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, 2 porches and a hidden attic for practising magic. The garden has a family graveyard and a pond. By Yanti68
Does your Pirate Witch need a wolfpack of pirates to hunt for your treasures? Here's the crue. These boys are well-trained and loyal. They will hunt till they drop. Let this wolfpack work for you!
Pelawak Suami believes he is the king of all Alligators. He loves to "dress up" for any occasion! He is ALWAYS ready for trick-or treating! :D
Gothic on the outside and mostly modern on the inside. This home features 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2 half baths, vampire sleeping quarters, Alchemy room, weight room, study, formal dining and great room, pool, hot tub and graveyard. A DNA request by romagi ~ Enjoy!
Welcome to the Gothic Housboat of Horrors. Your creepy sims will love this self contained two - doubled bedroomed houseboat with family bathroom. There is also a cringeingly creepy living and study room, Kitchen and dining area. Outside your sims can cook up a storm on the barbeque. In the basement there is an array of musical instruments and gym equipment. They can also brew up a darstardly potion in the witches lair ... Download if you dare !!!! No CC
Rotten Candy is an evil fairy who enjoys stealing candy from babies. A heartbreaker, it?s difficult not to fall under Rotten Candy's spell. And just like real candy, she is irresistible. Made for my very sweet friend, Candygurl84. This is the Halloween version of you, Candy!
During Norman's asylum years the old Bates Motel fell into such disarray that Norman and Mother had to open up the old Bates home as a Gambling Parlour to get back on track ... You have the chance to win a fortune ... but beware!! ... once inside you may never see daylight again ... A Live Show Venue for Midnight Hollow or anywhere. Design by Hidehi PS: The 'scary' pictures displayed on the walls have been taken in game by a sim photographer + are not classed as CC. Happy Simming! x
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