Tricks and Treats!
We kept the lights on after seeing all the hair-raising submissions for our Tricks and Treats showcase! Don't forget to download and recommend these amazing highlights! Of course, HUGE THANKS to all participants!
Dante Night is an adventurous soul who loves to travel the world in his vardo, telling fortunes. Some say he is psychic, but no one really knows for sure. Others have said they have seen him eating raw meat and howling at the moon...
Disguised as an innocent comic book shop, there is a secret super hero lair in the basement. Upstairs are comics and collectibles, video games, & a computer lab. But downstairs is the headquarters for Flash Mob Gordon, with everything needed for hiding out as long as need be. Is this Flash a hero, or a villain is disguise? Created for October Flash Mob honoree leep45508. Fully upgraded. No CC.
Trick or Treat? This sunny Sunset 2 bedroom, 2 bath Victorian is ready for all the little Ghosts and Goblins to come knocking. built by sashraf (NO CC)
Twin sisters Kitty and Dolly are young adult witches. Kitty is a Cat Person, Eccentric, a Gatherer, and has a Green Thumb. Dolly is Childish, Excitable, an Animal Lover, and a Kleptomaniac. Both girls have been described as "different" by those being kind. But really, they're both quite Insane. You can find a little back story on the Darling Twins on my showcase thread in Creative Corner The Darling Twins are CC Free!
Entry for Trick or Treat Showcase 2013. Victorian home set in Midnight Hollow. This home features 5 BR and 6 Baths. This home has it all including a secret alchemy/witch room!
Looking for pumpkins to make into jack-o-lanterns? Come to the Midnight Hollow Pumpkin Patch! It is a great place for a family outing. There's a haunted house, bobbing for apples, and lots of pumpkins for Spooky Day!
Elixir Consignment Shop for Midnight Hollow. Herb and mushroom garden, Coffee shop, Practice your magic on the upper most level, Skill Objects, Activities for the kids. - Play tested, Upgraded. - No CC - Polysporin
Hush little children, don't say a word. If Mystika hears you, you'll never again be heard. Same for all you little beasts. If you don't do her bidding, she'll make you into feasts. Mystika has mastered alchemy & cooking, level 9 gardening, level 6 handiness & level 1 athletic.
Hidden in the depths of Midnight Hollow sits the mysterious and spooky Mirkwood Manor. After laying derelict for decades, the Manor was bought by the young Witch & Scientist Morticia Einherier, who transformed it into a fantastical home ideal for magical science explorations! The Manor includes 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, alchemy room, Science lab, astronomy tower, broom arena, games room, pool with spa, ghostly maze and much much more! D.N.A Request by GreenDream19 (No CC - please don't reupload)
Mystral Marsh is all decked out for Spooky Day fun! This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is small but highly detailed and loaded with Victorian/Gothic charm. Featuring a tower just for the children's playroom! Your Supernatural Family will find this home beautiful and full of family fun and you will enjoy its small lot playability! (NO CC! Do not re-upload Plz) by TarynTempestwind
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