Tricks and Treats!
We kept the lights on after seeing all the hair-raising submissions for our Tricks and Treats showcase! Don't forget to download and recommend these amazing highlights! Of course, HUGE THANKS to all participants!
A halloween themed park with games and rides for kids of all ages.
Vampire Versailles is a grand palace for the supernatural with stately rooms, a chapel, a formal dining hall, gardens, and a "Hall of Mirrors" ballroom. Rumor has it that Countess Brennachan was killed inside the palace, drained of blood. Her ghostly apparition now roams the halls on a dark night. Others have gone missing, too -- remains found in fireplaces and hidden in the walls. Enter only if you dare...
Its that time of year again. Fall is in full swing! The leaves are changing and there is a chill in the air. All the families are gearing up for their houses to be accosted by little kids asking for candy. The decorations are up, the pumpkins are carved, and the candy is bought. Let the shenanigans of season begin! No CC (There should be no CAP but I cant make that promise... :/). Made by BBSIMS
Happy Halloween! CC free - Custard checked
Vampire single mother with her brood. She comes from one of the oldest undead familys still walking the earth, can she raise these little monsters and find love and happiness. - No CC -
Nerine Starts her new life in Moonlight Falls. Born to a single mother who was an aquatic fairy, Nerine broods about her life and how it would be if her father was still around. As a child, her mother told her that her father took a seriously fatal blow that took his long immortal life. ~~~~Please Enjoy~~~~~ *NO REUPLOADS* ~Tay__Jean
Here's a pumpkin patch to help you get ready for Spooky Day! Pick you pumpkin and carve a jack-o-lantern, grab a quick bite to eat, or get lost in the hay maze! (CC FREE!)
Home to Beatrice Bugwort, go-to witch for all your supernatural needs! The fire is always burning, the cauldron always bubbling. There ain't no rest for the wicked when there's money to be made! Stop by after dark to pick up your much needed elixirs. But watch your step! You never know what may lurk just beneath the surface of that gooey swamp water...
A witch's brew that would boggle the mind, with a cat sitting idly by. What or who will be her next victim, poor Sulton she turned him green with experiments gone bad. Look out for Sulton he will be looking for his masters next test, and he may find you. After all he is the witch's cat. No CC, No CAP, Created with EP's, SP's, and Store Content. Plz. No Re-Uploading. By BreeMiles
its almost Haloween... and Haloween means that annoying little brats in costumes come around "trick or treat"-ing. Well not at my house, this scary, spooky tower will give those little brats a "trick" back. With a lavish but yet creepy and spooky interior its not so bad living here. Now you can sit back in style and enjoy Haloween for what its all about... TV horror movies....*Happy Haloween Everybody*
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