Tricks and Treats!
We kept the lights on after seeing all the hair-raising submissions for our Tricks and Treats showcase! Don't forget to download and recommend these amazing highlights! Of course, HUGE THANKS to all participants!
It is the scariest time of the year... It is HALLOWEEN! YAY! Stop by and pick up your Halloween treats while they're hot! CC free and play tested! Enjoy ^__^ Made by Manssom
This 4 bedroom Gothic manor has long been gossiped about. Rumor has it that a strange family with strange ideas and even more strange activities lived here. But Midnight Gardens has been given a beautiful and lavish restoration. If there WAS a mysterious magic room, a hidden toymaker's workshop or a cryptic dungeon lair, surely we would have uncovered them. Right?! (NO CC. Please do not reupload) by TarynTempestwind
Carol (but spelling it in a weird way and pronouncing the 'rol' almost like 'rawr') is a mysterious gardener. He spends his time working in the hours of the night and is incredibly strong... But his pants weren't always that bloody shade of red and he wasn't always insane... What is this gardener hiding? And is he even human? Maybe you can attempt to make him sane again?
This old world castle tavern is a supernatural hangout that was once known for its brews but is now known for its dust. The crowd at this bar hasn't been alive for a decade and the bathrooms haven't been cleaned in over a century. Amenities include: a large seating area, bathrooms, a full bar, an alchemy station, and a billiard table. Stop in for some spirits or make this your afterlife resting place. NO CUSTOM CONTENT! Visit my blog SimsCreations dotcom for more pictures, videos, and lots.
Candy Corn grew up with a very uninteresting name and a desire to change it. She never understood why her parents wouldn't let her change her name to that of her favorite treat, but now that she has moved out on her own she can call herself whatever she wants.
Hello my names Hydra i'm pretty shy so i'll keep this short and sweet, i am fond of magic and pratice every chance i get, i live in a very old house passed down i time and i love old things, i have a love for wood the smells and the colours, i want to one day open my own potion shop so people like myself can openly get what they want. i also dream of the day that prince charming will show up and take me off my feet but for now i'm happy with magic i am CC free and CAP free Thank you x
Meet Marigold Starlight, a witch that would love to bestow upon you a witch brew that would make all your dreams come true. Can she do that? Maybe, maybe not, are you willing to take a chance and see what she is capable of doing? Created with EP's, SP's, No CC, No CAP, No Store Content. Plz. No Re-Uploading. A DNA Reuqest. By BreeMiles
Dark Market offers arange of stores and stalls for all, to start we have the Ye Old Potions store with potions and gems galore, We have bernards Toy shop for all childs dreams even us child at hearts, Traditional Tea House serving 24hours a day with desserts to die for, Hills Pub with the finest ale for sale, Calms consiment store for nick knack to fill draws, Pollys pets shop to keep the pets at bay, Flonders Books to dive into them romantic or dramatic horrors, FULL UPGRADED CC FREE CAP FREE
Originally built on 51 Breach Bend in MH, this magic house will turn you into a supernatural junkie. Furnished for big social gatherings, magic research, and a closet explorer (yes the closet has a magic portal and everything is unbreakable), you will be in for a treat. CC free, by DivaOfDarkness.
There is a house that fills those who pass with dread. But if they knock on the door, be they alive or be they dead. They will find a feast fit for a Queen, and a gracious host in the Pumpkin King. NO CC
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