That's Entertainment!
We've surfed over a crowd of abracafabulous submissions for our That's Entertainment! Showcase. Congrats to the fabulous highlights! We encourage everyone to check out and download, read, or watch these amazing creation. Every participant in this showcase definitely deserves a standing ovation – let's give them a round of applause!
Built at 684 Vista Blvd, This is a Great Circus Venue for Sims to put on a Show or come to watch one and afterwards visit the different tents and enjoy all the amusements. There is a dining tent with fridges and buffet table if want to have a Party here. In another tent is a Pet Store and all your pets are welcome here even Horses as there is 2 Stables. One Tent full of Fun arcades, Dance Spheres, juke box etc and outside 2 Golf Ranges, Gypsy Caravan with Crystal Ball and sitting room. Tested
Rocker Gurl has one dream. To become the worlds next, biggest and brightest Sim RockStar! (A special shout out to the creators who created the amazing custom content used here. These talented Simmers (creators) add so much to this cool game! Thank YOU.
What appears to be a run down barn is actually a large live show venue. It has 2 bars, pool tables, vip room, arcade machines, and karaoke bar. From low level performers to high class singers, anyone can do it up right, country style. NO CC store items only. No re-uploads please.
Live Show Venue, Gothic entertainment palace with dancefloor, Karaoke, pool table, bar and more - Store content, yes - but NO CC -- built and play tested by - lionpaws -
Welcome to the Redwoods, a SimNational Park located in the hills of Bridgeport, replacing the old Beuna Vista Resort. This park preserves the mighty Redwoods and provides everyone an oppurtunity to experience these natural treasures up close! The park also includes hiking, fishing,swimming, sports, collecting, music,food,upscale wine bar, spa and hot tub, variety of children's activities. Designed to meet the desires of any sim! No CC! Fully play tested,limited store items! Have a great summer!
Looking for a Film Studio that won't leave a blight on your town's beautiful scenery? SSMS is the studio for your citizens. We pride ourselves on maintaining a manicured lot so that you won't need to tuck us away in some corner. Your Stars and Starletts deserve the very best working environment and we deliver! Come tour our studio and don't forget to stop at Brunton's Boxcar Diner for bight to eat! No CC!
Mason Devereux
Nicol -NO CC-
The 'House of Fame' is a celebrity dream house by SuperPogimon. Located on a 40 x 40 size lot at 455 Sunnyside Blvd., Sunset Valley Town. It has a total furnished cost of 702,146 Simoleons. The Lot features Roof Deck Hot Tub, 4 Bedrooms, 7 T&Bs, Designer's Office, 2-Car Garage, Fitness Room, Home Theater, Nectar Room, Science Research Facilities, Swimming Pools, Laundry Room, Vampire's Lair & many more. Don't forget to recommend and favourite my Lots. Thank You :)
Billy Greystone, aka Phoenix Rising, is trying something different than horse breeding. While he still adores his horses, he's always wanted to be an acrobat. And here's his chance! Sexure in the knowledge that his horse farm will be tended to well by his wife and children, Billy is ready to go on tour. That's Entertainment Challenge made by Stacey88
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