That's Entertainment!
We've surfed over a crowd of abracafabulous submissions for our That's Entertainment! Showcase. Congrats to the fabulous highlights! We encourage everyone to check out and download, read, or watch these amazing creation. Every participant in this showcase definitely deserves a standing ovation – let's give them a round of applause!
The Sundays are just a normal girl band from Sunset Valley who dream of going to Starlight Shores. With Gemma the diva, Claire the cool, Sam the geeky, and Davina the party girl, will their dreams become a reality, or will they fall off the stairway to fame?
If I were really rich, I would own a house like this. It's unique, dramatic and has plenty of room for my friends, with lots of things for them to do. 24 bathrooms. 10 car garage. 9 guest bedrooms. And lots of surprises. Purchase price aproximately 1.5 million simoleans furnished.
Live Show Venue,No CC.Inspired by sweets!
Designed by famed architect James Jolina, the City Park is the culmination of the best parks in the center of town. The city council decided that a merger of the Baby Romper playground, Starlight Shores Verde Park and Central Park was the best option for local citizens and upcoming performers. Constructed by Katsamoto who also included toddler facilities, as well as a creche.
This villa is inspired on the real life villa Amanzi. I made it into a celebrity house. It features a singing studio, large Media room, large infinity pool with beach view, special indoor-outdoor garden sitting space. With room for lodgers and situated in lush, tropical garden. No cc and made by Sarademoor for SimGuruHydra's celeb showcase. Enjoy! :D
Amanda is a Lvl 10 preformer in the Acrobat Profession. She also has lots of skills. You would get that though. But, if you download her family, you will. But, she's a great sim either way, so if you download and you like it, rec it please! :) ~Submission for That's Entertainment!~
They love to hang out and have fun. Will Axis ever invent the time machine he's always dreamed of? Will Anaise ever find love? Will Firefly become a hit composer?
Terra has just become a young adult. Her whole life has been carefully planned out and it was always assumed that she would follow in her dad's footsteps and attend medical school. Imagine her parents' shocks when she told them that she planned to be a singer instead. Can you help Terra be a star? My first Showtime sim dedicated to my friend Typicalgemini. :D
A proffesional Jazz singer with a very unique character and image.
Ebony Stark - for my kind friend, cbrock7 :) No custom content! - Created by imoger - 2012-05-05 Don't re-upload!
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