Keeping Afloat
We've paddled, waded, and snorkeled through many fantastic submissions for our Keeping Afloat Showcase! Congrats to the highlights - and of course, HUGE THANKS to everyone who participated!
The Pirate and the Mermaid. - no cc
(2bed-2bath) This vessel is not a greek god but it certainly can rule the sea. Don't be afraid of adventure. Built without basement so that sims can fish from the boat. Enjoy :)
No custom items, no custom patterns. Only items I use are from the base game, expansion packs, stuff packs, store or pre-order items. By Larifari2009
This houseboat has a lot of luxury and on the other hand you will find Bavarian coziness. 1st floor: Livingroom, kitchen/dining, 1bathroom. 2nd floor: 2 bathrooms, master bedroom, nursery, child`s room (2beds). 3rd floor: 2 rooms (entertainment). Outside: BBQ, treehouse, fountain and many other features. CC free, playtested and checked by custard! NO re-upload please! Created by Lucyena. Enjoy! :)
Seaglass Point is a residential lighthouse consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen/diner, study, lantern room, 6 balconies and 2 porches. The backyard has a barbecue space and an outside dining area. By Yanti68
17x22, 2BD, 1 full BA, 2-all in one BA, LR, open DR/KITHN. Celtic Cross-by izp Let your Sims sail the seas on a comfy houseboat. Enjoy. :)
Bask in the resplendence that is the Double Dragon Palace. All the luxury of the Chinese emperors at your disposal. Whether you want to take a dip in the Imperial pool or get treatment at the spa, this place has it all! Made by Sarademoor, please do not re-upload.
No cc.Contains store items.Playtested.Enjoy:)By stevesuzz
This is my spin on one of the two main characters you can choose from when starting a game of The Sims Castaway Stories (released in 2008). Jessica was aboard a cruise ship for singles named Solomon Queen. After a huge explosion, she became shipwrecked on an uncharted island, and had to fend for herself, surviving any way she could. Will you help her get back to civilization, or will Jessica learn to embrace island life? Created by mwjessica723. May contain items from EPs, SPs, and Store. No CC.
All your days will be sunny on this lovely houseboat. Plenty for the whole family to enjoy. There's a swimming pool indoors and an outdoor hottub. Lush flowers surround this little piece of paradise.
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