Keeping Afloat
We've paddled, waded, and snorkeled through many fantastic submissions for our Keeping Afloat Showcase! Congrats to the highlights - and of course, HUGE THANKS to everyone who participated!
I've bulit this resort for my friend Fuzzy_Schnucki: 88 places, Entree, 2 dining rooms, 2 big bathrooms, 4 suites with separately bathroom, 2 fitness-rooms, Sauna, massage, BlackJack, Big Pool with 2 pool-Bars, 2 waterfalls, 2 water slides, Whirlpool, 2x fire walking, wedding arche, 2 Bars
This floating Family home is of Chinese design and in White, gold and light woods for a fresh feel. The home has 3 bedroom's, nursery with 2 cots and a spare bunk bed in a top room. The open plan ground floor has kitchen/dining table, reading corner and Tv area, stairs up to loungers, domino's, steering room and martial arts training. A full bathroom and 2 all in ones, all upgraded, No CC, 1 CAP pattern by luckyheather
A steampunk houseboat.One double bedroom,two baths.No CC.Enjoy!
Emerald ~ A Beautiful Mermaid born in game.
Flash Mob August 2013. Dress from Sims 3 Store. CAP pattern by TNT_Terry:
Beverly has always had a love for the ocean. She enjoys spending many hours at the beach relaxing. She hopes to become a lifeguard so she can many lives. Hope you enjoy! She contains no CC.
As a gift to his wife, Miguel Paradise' built her an on the ocean haven! With Spanish influnces and modern design, this home offers everything from fantatsic views to a built in boat port. Warm, inviting, and interchangeble; this open concept home is perfect for any beach lover (or Sims with big pockets!) Remember to recommend!
Mermaid. No CC, by Polysporin.
Nice contemperary style house boat. No CC was used. Very few store content. Enjoy! ~Tay__Jean
Liza Rose lives on a tropical island. Her favorite hobbies are making inappropriate posts on forums and skinny dipping. x.X
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