Keeping Afloat
We've paddled, waded, and snorkeled through many fantastic submissions for our Keeping Afloat Showcase! Congrats to the highlights - and of course, HUGE THANKS to everyone who participated!
This 5-level floating palace is perfect for cruising the Nile and surveying your dominion. It has a guest room w/full bath, a royal maid's room w/bath, a servants' quarters that sleeps four w/2 baths, a full kitchen, dining area, spacious living area, palatial queen's suite w/full bath, navigation room w/bath, lounging/gaming deck, and an open-air garden/dance/music deck. Perfect for Egyptian royalty or anyone who really loves sailing in gold-plated luxury!
The SS Simify is a special houseboat made for Simified's Simself. The houseboat is a two floor, beautifully furnished inside and out 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom home on the water! It features many great views of the open seas, but will make you still feel right at home. Made by Arthur -
Can be edited in any way you like. Note that the boats may be messed up when you enter the lot for the first time, so select them and replace them (esc) to fix that issue. Originally the idea was to create a couple room, but i chose not to. You can always redecorate and rebuild certain rooms to fit in a double bed. So... to sum this up, 1 single bedroom, 1 nursery, kitchen, a bathroom that is divided in two, a hot tub room, livingroom, entertaining room, 2 upper outdoor platforms and a boat doc.
This CC free three bedroom., three bath home sits over Bethany Bay. The home has an open floor ground floor that allows the sea breeze to flow. Enjoy! -Snowmoon
A Floating Slice of Atlantis Perfect for your Mermaids. 2 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. 1st floor living, dining & kitchen. 2nd floor entertainment & pool w/fountain. 3rd floor study, skill & bedrooms. 4th floor small garden area. Deck has lounging, music & fishing. No 3rd Party CC. No CAP. See the CORRECT EP & EA store list at CreatEve Works. See lot images for more info. -SimEve
Functions as a normal residential lot. Liquorice City Apartments offers a total of 2 apartments for your sims to live in. Each apartment comes with a clean and modern interior design, including one double bedroom! There is also a BBQ area for everybodys use. CC free, play tested and upgraded appliances! Enjoy ^__^ Made by Manssom
DamselFish FinClan loves to swim, and is irresistable, charismatic, athletic and nurturing. She has mastered the scuba, athletic and charisma skills. Her lifetime wish is to be surrounded by family, living on the beach in her tribal community. She has 100 kelp and a tent in her inventory. She has had the fertility treatment and wants to start a family right away. DamselFish is part of a series of sims and households in the FinClan tribe. The tribe is rumored to have mermaids in it. Is DF one of
Jack Pearl has lived in complete isolation on one of the uncharted islands of Isla Paradiso his entire life. With tourism flourishing, property developers are trying to get hold of Jack's island to turn it into a luxurious resort. The boost in tourism in the area is mainly due to the increase of mermaid sightings around the islands. Legend has it the mermaids are looking for the lost heir to the underwater kingdom. Could Jack be the one they're looking for? No CC, Custard checked.
A lovely houseboat for you sims. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen/dining room and a living room. Outside there is enough to do for your sims too. BBQ and other stuff. It would be great if you recommend it if you like the houseboat. Thank you!
A houseboat worthy of your most royal families. It has 3br, 4ba. Uppermost floor has complete Captains Quarters. All items have been upgraded. A luxurious place for royalty to relax from the everyday duties of running their lands. No CC.
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