Keeping Afloat
We've paddled, waded, and snorkeled through many fantastic submissions for our Keeping Afloat Showcase! Congrats to the highlights - and of course, HUGE THANKS to everyone who participated!
An elegant whitewashed beach palace with an ethereal quality, like floating on a pond. Master bedroom comes with private dining for two and private rooftop access making it a senuous brand of modern with minimal ornamentation. Notes: 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, library/Office, ballroom with dance floor and instruments, art studio, complete nursery with changing room, and hidden Bonnehilda quarters. Can be used as a Resort. NO CC
3bed/1bath, Designed to resemble a steamboat, with the paddle wheel missing for obvious reasons. CC Free.
3BR,2.5BA. NoCC are used.ThereIs a living room & kitchen & dining area, nursery room, study room,Master and 2 other bedrooms with bathrooms. Also there's a basketball link, climbing wall, massage table and more entertainments at outside.
Island Couple. no cc, By Polysporin
Yee-Haw come on by and have a rip-roaring time at the buck-a-roo. We have a buffet, pool and a small gym. Built By: Sookielee
Very Modern Houseboat. Basement has Gym, Sauna Massage Room and also a relax, music and skills room. Ground Flr has Kitchen and Dining Room. Ist floor has living room and Swimming pool. 2nd floor has 2 double bedrooms and Bathroom. Top floor has woodfire oven and dining/relax area the houseboat motor is accessed from there. Store content & EP's used BUT No CC (has been checked)
Having a hard time finding the perfect place for your mer people who want to live part of the time on land? Look no further, SimMer Casa has plenty of water and land to meet your needs. 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, an in-law cottage, hot tub and plenty of sea life to keep you content and the view at night will make stay. (Place a 50x50 lot south west of the main island smack between the two smaller islands. so that the bridge stretches the span between them. buydebug is the only code used.)
Say hello to Mae, she is a Level 9 Lifeguard, and Resort Owner, she has vast communication skills, she loves helping others, and with her scuba diving skills she has fell in love with the open waters. Created with EP's, SP's, Store Content. No CC. Plz. No Re-Uploading. By BreeMiles
John and Carla Bray hails from Riverview. They were high school sweethearts that married immediately after school and decided to start their family. Riverview is a sleepy little town though and offered no excitement for this young couple. They packed up their daughter Emma and decided to relocate to a more tropical setting. John has always wanted to be a lifeguard and Carla longs to scuba dive for a living. Is this the best environment for little Emma or are her parents being selfish?
Come aboard in the Blue Pearl, a cute little houseboat that contains 1 BR, 1.5 BA and a laundry room. Pet friendly, all appliances upgraded. CC free. Yarr!!!
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