Keeping Afloat
We've paddled, waded, and snorkeled through many fantastic submissions for our Keeping Afloat Showcase! Congrats to the highlights - and of course, HUGE THANKS to everyone who participated!
A pirate ship for elves seeking adventure on the high seas. Plundering treasure, collecting loot, and evading the kraken are not for the weak. And if they have dragons on board to burn out pursuers, all the better! No CC.
Built on Stilts over the Ocean opposite The Overlook Sunlit Tides, and has a lovely central pool, 1 double bedroom, guest/childs bedroom with bunks, 2 bathrooms are ensuite', kitchen and seperate dining room, large living room with amazing views and a tower with Bar under. 1 parking space on the sand and some plants. In Ocean colours, furnished and upgraded with NoCC/CAP by luckyheather
This modern house featuring angular and dramatic shapes is a floating piece of art.
Jake Merrill has always aspired to be a Lifeguard ever since he was a little kid. He spent thousands of hours swimming at the neighborhood pool in order to become the best swimmer possible. After a year-long certified course in water rescue training, he is now a certified Apprentice Lifeguard, Level 1.
1 bed/1bath, wood & white house and an open deck. Room to store your boat and still room on deck for more. The modern furnishings and sleek S-shape are pure elegance, and miles above other houseboats. -Inspired from- the Rieul. No CC- but Store items used. by Rflong7 =]
The Ultimate Party Pad for the fun loving bachelor in in your simhood. 1 Bed, 3 All in ones, kitchenette, professional bar, dance floor, DJ Booth, and hot tub to warm up those colder ladies. Auto-pilot for fast unstoppable fun, a hot tub that will never break and even see if the ladies can blow the horn! The boat comes with that special lighting and atmosphere, can your sim get in on all the action?
A beach basic, beach themed resort, hidden on it's own island. Guillermo's place offers many amenities such as: Gym equipment, a swimming pool complete with a pool slide, pool bar and waterfall and a firewalking pit. Also try our endless buffet, which offers a variety of food from breakfast through to dinner. Whilst at Guillmero's place, stay in our cozy beach bungalows, and you won't have to lift a finger due to room service and spa services available in the main building!
Jon is the first born son of my sims Arvid Thorsen and Julie McCallister. He's all about sports, and would love to go to university to become an athletics major. His parents however can't afford this on their own and Jon will have to find a job over the summer to make up for the rest. He's thinking of travelling to Isla Paradiso and applying for a job as a life guard. That way he'll stay fit, earn a decent income and still have plenty of free time to go snorkling and diving there as well. No CC.
One of my old builds that I decided to upgrade for Island Paradise. It now contains a boat house, a deck, 2 BR and 2.5 BA. The first floor has been redecorated all over. Have fun!
“shaka, brah!” This sweet houseboat has 2 bedrooms,living,dining and relaxing deck! Enjoy your vacation! No CC.Please do not re-upload. Named by Fairy T. Created by Annin Tofu Studio.
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