Keeping Afloat
We've paddled, waded, and snorkeled through many fantastic submissions for our Keeping Afloat Showcase! Congrats to the highlights - and of course, HUGE THANKS to everyone who participated!
Tan and ready to party, Brennachan loves bonfire parties on the beach and spa retreats. Put on Beach Party music or Sim Disco and she will dance the night away! She loves juice from keggers and sippy sips at the poolside bar. Enjoy! CAP and CC FREE!
Clepatra VII Philopator is the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. An ambitious woman by all accounts, she managed to seduce two of the greatest rulers of Rome - her potential enemy! When she needs time away from the stresses of world leadership, she retires to her ship for some much needed privacy.
No custom patterns, no custom items. The only items and patterns I use are from the sims 3 base game, expansion packs, stuff packs and store. By Larifari2009
A mechanical marvel! Is it a house? Is it a boat? This Steampunk themed houseboat is perfect for your curious and creative sims. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, $67k houseboat. No CC except 2 safe CAP patterns made by me..gears and hot air balloons. Click image for more pix. Lot by ruthless_kk
2br, 3ba. $71,208. The Sea Lion features a full kitchen, small living area, lab, small multi-purpose room (use it for whatever you like: inventing, scultiping etc.), a spot for one water craft and two bike racks. It's main quirks are the "Cargo Crane" and the radio tower. Floor Hygienators are under each doorway (not the reliable kind, lol!). This boat was highly inspired by CK213's 'The Salacia' and I give him alot of credit for the initial design aspects.
This boat house has 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathroom, kitchen, living room, space deck to have party with friends. Get it!
A fishing vessel that includes a master bedroom, one and a half baths, bar, hot tub, bbq, full kitchen, and much more! Set sail on the high seas with "Shark Bait" today.
Fishing Houseboat w/ open bar Kch/LR, 4 fishable corners on deck (no basement). 2BR (sleeps up to a family of 4, inc baby/toddler), 4 all-in-one baths. Wheelhouse + Lounge deck designed to resemble the big fish that got away. Several cooking options includes stove, fryer, and BBQ pit. Entertainment includes slot machine, massage table, telescope, radio, tv, video games, video camera, underwater camera, fish tanks, & dartboard etc. Little surprises to be found! Just under ?100k (No CC) by Daelia
The unique construction of this island manor truly allows you to walk on the water, as the majority of the home is built on a stilted platform that stretches out into the ocean. Furnished in a modern take on island style, the manor is comfortable as well as beautiful. No CC. *by lefty_mw*
Chase the sun across the sea, and along the way you may find your own personal paradise in this tropical-themed houseboat. Two bedrooms (can be easily re-made into three if you want to remove the sauna and massage table) and four all-in-one baths. No CC & all appliances upgraded. By starguru.
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