Sims In The Summer
Beat the heat by grabbing a cool drink and checking out the highlights from our latest showcase. Round of applause to all our participants! Don't forget to recommend these downloads!
This hunk of sand was once known as Plumbob Island but was washed away by mother nature and transformed into a fully self-sustained village. Amenities include: 4 bedroom huts, 3 bathroom huts, a kitchen hut, a bar pavillion, a community garden, fishing spots, and more! Move your entire extended family into this private paradise and live out the rest of your days off the grid. - NO CC - **Best When Placed on Plumbob Island** Visit my blog for more pictures, videos, and lots:
submitted for summer showcase 2014. Decorated with oceanic urchin. master bedroom, baby room, 3 childrens rooms. gym. kitchen, dining room, 1.5 bath, bar, tv room, artists den, laundry room.
A beautiful one bedroom one bath vacation home. A wonderful place for a romantic getaway. A place for dreaming. Enjoy
Large park with Carousel House, Gift Shop, Basketball court, Playground, Picnic and BBQ Area, Mechanical bull, Rock Climbing walls, Chess, Gnubb, Dominoes, Horseshoes, Trampolines, Photo Booth, Vending Machines, Gumball Machine, Face Painting booths, Hot Dog eating contest and Firepits. No CAP or spawners. By bethp62. Please no re-uploads.
A beautiful Caribbean pardise with many different secrets to discover. This island was originally populated by a mysterious indigenous population, but colonization played its course, and the island was transformed into a dazzling port city running dry the resources of its rainforests. Eventually the two countries of the area, St. Agatha Isle of England and Isla Escudo of Spain, revolted and joined together to form the beautiful republic of Isla Escudo with its glistening capital city. Now it's simply a beautiful vista for all sims alike lost in time.
4 bedrooms with private baths, garage, lavish landscaping with swimmable pond, gazebo with bar and dance floor, gazebo with hot tub, harvestables gardens, fishing dock, huge airy kitchen, rec room, laundry room, upright piano. No CC. Three CAP patterns (for quilts on beds) all made by ZooProfessor3. No reupload please.
Sleek and stylish, this oceanfront property balances ultra modern design with serene and comfortable interior living spaces. The lot includes 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, a stunning split level great room that spans the height of the house, patio with aquarium pool and detached art studio, indoor gym/dojo, entertainment room, and lofted office. CC free.
This fanciful little 3+ bedroom cottage connects to a magical tower by a hanging bridge. The tower has levels for alchemy, magical supplies, studying, skills and a children's hideawy at the top. A barn and pasture make a lovely home for a unicorn. Gardens, fountains, ponds, swimming pool with hot tub and play yard with gazebo complete the lot. ( No CC! See my Creative Corner Forum thread for more pictures and other homes in my studio) NO Re-Uploading Please. By TarynTempestwind
This cool club will keep you chill all summer along. Enjoy! -Snowmoon
Modernity: A home with an essence like no other. It's like living in the outdoors--only not! It's so futuristic--yet, it isn't... Built on 455 Sunnyside Blvd., Sunset Valley, this home features an open floor plan with a pool, balcony, hottub, 3 beds, 3.5 baths, laundry, living and dining rooms. Made by Petalbot. The home is playtested and contains NO CC or CAP. Please do not reupload. For more pictures, visit my blog on my Sims 3 My Page. As always, Enjoy! =)
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