Sims In The Summer
Beat the heat by grabbing a cool drink and checking out the highlights from our latest showcase. Round of applause to all our participants! Don't forget to recommend these downloads!
For sims contest "sims In The Summer Showcase
This Tiki Theme park is a fun day out for the entire family. Enjoy a round of mini-golf and a cold drink while the kids have fun at the Daycare playground. The teens can enjoy the arcade and rides. Made by Sarademoor. Contains one piece of CC, namely roof color. Throroughly tested, never a problem with it. Enjoy! :D
If the gypsy lifestyle is your dream, here is a perfect little home for you. Inside the gypsy cart is a complete and colorful home with kitchen,living spaces and 1 bedroom. The property then boasts an outhouse and bathing room, a barn with stable for your horse and a coverted alchemy shop with fortune telling room. It also includes 2 gardens for your vegetables and magical plants, a little rustic fire pit and seating area, plus cows and chickens to help you live off the land. (NO CC! Plz
This is a simple, but elegantly furnished houseboat for two. Equipped with a small kitchen, office, and comfortable living room. Second floor is an open plan with a bedroom leading off to a deck and 1 bathroom.
Pelican's Place is specially built for the Summer Showcase. This seaside cottage contains 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, laundry room, living room, kitchen, dining room, 2 balconies, swimming pool and an outside barbecue area. By Yanti68
Festival Yoshi likes to go to all the summertime outdoor events like concerts, simfests, and especially the Burning Sim Festival in the Lucky Palms desert at the end of the summer. He enjoys keg stands or blowing pineapple bubbles at a Bubble Bar. He truly is a party animal! He'll be the first to hop onto a Gyroscopic Conductor or firewalk on hot coals. He's a daredevil! CAP and 3PCC free! Happy Summer! Happy Simming!
Three Forests Wooden Spa and Retreat, originally located at 22 Subalpine Cir in Hidden Springs. The perfect place for the Sim that has it with the woods after all those fishing and camping for days. Relax and refresh body and soul in this former woodworker's lodge that has been restored into a luxurious location without loosing its rustic charme. Made with love by LoreleyLee 14/06 <3 :) More pics: No CC. No reupload.
Sunny Sands - My Summer Showcase Sim, CC Free, Enjoy!
Dog friendly 5br5ba Cape Cod house with attached garage, study, game room, gym,, swimmingpool and hot tub. This family house has got a master bedroom, in-law suite, guest room, girls and boys bedroom. This house is great for entertaining. Your guests will never be bored. They can play games, dance or hang out at the pool. DNA request for 8jt7-kbp8-nq46-s. CC free. By illusie.
Private beach villa overlooking the beautiful ocean. Two bedrooms, three bathrooms, gym, living area, kitchen, utility room and dining room. Circular outdoor pools, hot tub and loungers. Table tennis, outdoor dining and bbq area. Double garage. Fully landscaped. No CC.
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