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: March 2012
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How can you NOT make up a funny caption for this screenshot? We invited Simmers on our Facebook to share their funniest captions. Here are some of our favorites!



“Well that's not supposed to happen!”

“When I said ‘relight my fire’ I diddnt mean literally :(“

“Err..guys?...GUYS? D: AAH”

“Do I blow it out or leave it, do I blow it out or leave it?!?!?”


“Maybe katy perry was right..... Baby your a firework!!!

“This wasn't part of the show! I was meant to play with fire not BE on fire!"

“Oh great. They are definatly not going to pay me now.”

“I meant to do that....”

"Holy plumbob!That's not a rabbit I pulled outta there!”

“I uhh am just showing you what this act is not supposed to look like.”

“I KNEW I shouldn't have dropped out of Magician's College!!!!”

“Should I be concerned about this?”

“Are you Sims just going to sit there, HELP ME!”

“Baby you’re a firework! NOT LITERALLY”

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, wait no, it’s my hand on fire..”

“Well they said I was on fire…I thought they meant I was fantastic…NO!!!!”

“That’s not how you make cereal!!!”

“They said I could be anything.. So I decided to be a human torch.”

“Suddenly the flammable nail polish didn’t seem like such a good idea after all…”

08:49 PM
Posted by: The_PopTart

We invited Simmers to share their funniest caption for this screenshot on our Facebook. Here are some of our favorites!

"if he pukes rainbows, i am NOT cleaning it up"

She wished for a rainbow. He made one :3

"One more outburst like this and I quit!"

"Well i hope HE does windows..."

Why wwwhhhyy cant u just do my dry cleaning

"I told her not to clean one thing...ONE THING! the lamp; and what does she do"

Maid: "Oh, sir, your Sims 3 Showtime package arrived today."

""i wanted hot tea and you brought me warm tea! NOW FEEL MY RAGE!!

‎"ok no more polishing the lamps"


‎"BAM! and the dirt is gone!!"

"I'm NOT cleaning that up."

maid: "this is the last time i clean for these people"

She's obviously hoping those pink sparkles don't stain the carpet. She probably just vacuumed that rug

"But I wanted the last flaming fruit pancake!"

"Really?!? You're wearing wedge heels and a mini skirt to CLEAN A HOUSE?!? GAH! Your lack of common sense makes me sick!"
*Genie vomits*
Maid: "....I better get paid extra for this."

maid: "I know they wanted the house sparkling clean.... but this is ridiculous!"

‎"I've told you a thousand times already, YOU CAN'T WISH FOR MORE WISHESSSS"

‎"All I said was I felt I deserved a raise, you're over reacting"

"ill give you three wishes if you clean my house.."

Maid: "I don't know about this... that seems like a lot of energy to get one little penny from behind my ear..."

Genie: "OK, I will grant your wish that the house would clean itself forever.”
Maid: “Yesssssss!!!"

11:34 PM
Posted by: SimGuruHydra

I know there has been a lot of mystery surrounding the new “creature” or “lifestate” for The Sims 3 Showtime, and you’ve even gotten a few hints from some of the producer interviews. So today, I’m going to give you the lowdown on the genies in The Sims 3 Showtime, as well as hints and tips for finding one and even some insight into what life as a Genie is really like.

Genies are mystical beings, and not the easiest to discover. Late night trips into the catacombs, journeys through the dimensional gate on the Plasma Punch Gyroscopic Conductor, and even a legendary stage performance are all ways you could find a dusty old lamp. Of course, if you want to go the tried and true route, saving up lifetime happiness points to buy a lamp is always a good way to go. And, once you find one of these mysterious dusty old lamps, what else would you do but clean it!

Genies come in a variety of looks, and they all sport some pretty awesome new clothes. Anytime you feel the need to socialize with your genie, simply summon them from the lamp. Need a friend for a night out on the town? Take the genie out for a round of pool or karaoke! Be careful though, a genie left alone for too long will return to their lamp out of boredom, so socialize often. (Hey, at least you always know where to find them!)

Each lamp grants 3 wishes (choose wisely!), and granting a wish takes quite a bit of energy, so genies need a rest in between wishes. But there are some pretty awesome benefits to having a genie around. I won’t give away all of the types of wishes you can make, but here are a few to give you some ideas: Love, Long Life, World Peace (or World Misery if that’s the way your traits take you), and of course, the classic Wish for More Wishes.

Making wishes is only half the fun though. If you befriend your genie, you can choose to use a wish to free them from the lamp. This isn’t an easy task though; you’ll have to go through some effort to get the lamp to give up its resident. But don’t worry, the genie is there to give you hints on how to complete your quest. If you have enough space in your household, then the genie will become a permanent member of the family. And that’s when the fun really starts.

Just because a genie is free doesn’t mean they lose all of their magical abilities. With a genie in the household, you could never have to wash a dish (or take a bath) ever again! Not to mention that a genie’s penchant for mischief is now at your disposal to wreak havoc on the neighbors, ensorcelling (putting another Sim under your control) and banishing other Sims at will.

These are just a few of the extremely cool ways to play with life as a genie in The Sims 3 Showtime. I know I loved making this part of the game, and I hope you all love playing it.

06:51 PM
Posted by: SimGuruBritt

It's National "Write a Letter of Appreciation" Week! Take a moment to let someone know how much you appreciate them in your life. Feel free to use any of our The Sims greeting cards found here.



Post on another Simmer's MyPage with a comment and let them know they're appreciated!

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Posted by: The_PopTart