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A fun, easy tutorial about making your own fountains. Enjoy!
By: Whatsims
Created: 10/17/09
Recommendations: 433
Views: 12881
How to build a pyramid with stairs and the terraintools last update 2.1.2010
By: Amoebius
Created: 08/22/09
Recommendations: 85
Views: 12791
A Tutorial On How To Make A Baby Changing Table, I Invented It And I Hope You Like It. Don't Forget To Reccomend It To Your Friends. -Toxic
By: ToxicLips
Created: 09/17/09
Recommendations: 124
Views: 12648
This is the seriously FULL list for the Fog Emitter! It's everything, you can spawn the sparkles from age transitions, the fog from the graveyard when Deathfish are there, and even meteor showers!
By: justkidding101
Created: 07/26/10
Recommendations: 23
Views: 12359
How to build a pool with windows. You need the latest Patch to use this tutorial last update 1.1.2010
By: Amoebius
Created: 11/18/09
Recommendations: 155
Views: 12301
How to make BunkBeds
By: imbluepsu
Created: 05/26/10
Recommendations: 264
Views: 11980
A great tutorial of how to change different slopes of roofs in the sims 3 Discovered by Mch36504 (6/13/09). Great for any home!
By: Mch36504
Created: 06/19/09
Recommendations: 156
Views: 11860
By: Freynas
Created: 08/01/10
Recommendations: 234
Views: 11797
This is a video on how to make a waterfall on the sims3! NOTE: This video will not work if you have updated the game to version 1.7.2. the game update does not allow you to make water on a slope with columns. Sorry for the bad news. But you can still reccomend and view.
By: cheetoz
Created: 11/08/09
Recommendations: 59
Views: 11695
My House That You Can Download.. Hope You Recommend And enjoy!
By: nicOleeBabeey
Created: 05/06/10
Recommendations: 165
Views: 11681
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