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Chapter 9 of the Lune Legacy entitled "All About Me!".
By: BlueChan
Created: 07/08/09
Recommendations: 91
Views: 2429
After the boys ruin Alphie's first date since becoming ugly, They have to make it up to Alphie, which might just end in a confession from one of the boys...
By: volcomgirl77885
Created: 08/09/11
Recommendations: 99
Views: 2429
By: Miley_rocks1999
Created: 05/31/11
Recommendations: 52
Views: 2429
Information you have a right to know!
By: PinkieMe
Created: 11/18/09
Recommendations: 148
Views: 2428
Some really great tips on how to seduce a man. These tips all came from my personal experience with relationships. Some of them I came up with because I used them and they worked. And then some of them I came up with because I did the complete opposite of them and had terrible consequences. This is really more of something to make you laugh...but there is some wisdom here as well.
By: PlaidUhPus
Created: 06/01/09
Recommendations: 5
Views: 2428
this is a very sad story of a sponge who was attacked and never seen again.
By: inspirationalcat
Created: 10/21/09
Recommendations: 130
Views: 2428
Liam gets Anabelle tickets to France for a romantic getaway. Little did they know, that they were in for more adventure than romance. Forum:
By: LeahT
Created: 12/23/10
Recommendations: 176
Views: 2426
Trent and Tiffani's plans are underway; Eddie and Autumn struggle to maintain a "friendship"; David extends Lizzie an offer in the wake of her confrontation with Caitlyn.
By: londonlola
Created: 09/01/10
Recommendations: 181
Views: 2420
Anabelle is stressed because of seeing Jessica kiss Liam a few chapters back. Liam asks Donnie for help. Forum:
By: LeahT
Created: 01/28/11
Recommendations: 140
Views: 2419
Here is chapter two of the Taylor Family Legacy! I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter and continue to enjoy the legacy. I'm having great fun with it, probably more than the Breeze's and even the Clarke's! I also really appreciate the reaction to the first chapter so leave some feedback and recommend if you liked! :) Comments can be left on my page or here;
By: EmeraldRuby
Created: 11/19/11
Recommendations: 128
Views: 2417
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