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Chapter 1, This is celine's tail of her life!
By: RaceyGracey
Created: 01/03/10
Recommendations: 13
Views: 526
Liberty United has found her self sucked into a Patriotic Legacy. She must learn to change her perspective on life, or she may miss the good things that come out of a less than perfect situation.
By: XTremeGnomeS
Created: 07/11/12
Recommendations: 20
Views: 526
Phoebe Dainels is a bodyguard/spy in training. A late Christmas Party were games are fun and the music is pumping. A small game may put Phoebe into a akward position. What will she do?
By: courtneytanner
Created: 09/09/10
Recommendations: 26
Views: 526
Reccomend please!
By: Schoolgirl930
Created: 01/28/10
Recommendations: 25
Views: 526
Micah is in love with his childhood best friend Ana, but Ana might not realize this. Will Micah become her "super hero"?
By: Emerald800
Created: 04/01/12
Recommendations: 25
Views: 526
Created for Build-n-Share weeks 68-69.
By: Dienray
Created: 10/04/10
Recommendations: 12
Views: 526
Welcome to the Deathmire Asylum, A young woman framed for murder has been sentenced to running a home for mentally unstable youth, will she be able to survive?
By: Robodl95
Created: 01/16/10
Recommendations: 24
Views: 526
My name is Alexandria Capulet. My best friends and I just entered our final year of high school...we're finally Seniors. To celebrate our last first day of high school, we decided to hit up a local dance club. However, a simple promise of "sticking together" goes horribly, horribly wrong.
By: katkashmer
Created: 12/22/13
Recommendations: 9
Views: 526
The lonly girl meets her handsome stranger for a second time. Enjoy the second chapter.
By: Ninneveh
Created: 06/19/09
Recommendations: 24
Views: 526
The world is ending. Autumn can stop it. Earthquakes, Tsunamies, Volcanoes and Avalanches... How is it possible to happen all at once? On series of events? 10 recs to continue.
By: Sunny1010
Created: 07/01/10
Recommendations: 36
Views: 526
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