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if you are annoyed by burglars stealing your stuff, please read and reccomend!
By: nicolamaclean
Created: 06/01/10
Recommendations: 18
Views: 2498
Chapter 26 of the Lune Legacy, entitled "Unlucky in Love". Follow the triplets as they emerge with their own personalities.
By: BlueChan
Created: 08/26/10
Recommendations: 57
Views: 2498
Chapter 17 of the Lune Legacy, entitled 'A Better Life'.
By: BlueChan
Created: 10/25/09
Recommendations: 75
Views: 2498
Hello, and welcome back to my 100 Baby Challenge! I was blown away by all the views, reccs, and comments on the last chapter! We last left off by welcoming little baby Kristofer into the world, Pipper and Teagen grow up, and learning that Quinne is pregnant again! Is it just moldy cake, or is Quinne actually preggers? FIND OUT in this chapter! Forum: ~T
By: ToxicLips
Created: 02/25/10
Recommendations: 34
Views: 2497
Have you ever had sims without pants walking your streets? Invisible babies? Men with *****? I have the solution! Read now! :D
By: JandL
Created: 01/17/10
Recommendations: 34
Views: 2497
Katherine begins to have nightmares, are they just nightmares or are they something more? Researching a man pronounced dead the night before, Katherine recieves some chilling news and begins to question her past. Why is she having so many memories related to fear? RECOMMEND IF YOU LIKE IT!!!! :D
By: Megs1116
Created: 01/18/10
Recommendations: 237
Views: 2496
The second chapter! I hope you guy like it!! I need 11 recs sto write the next chapter what will happen? Who knows. PS If you haven't read the first chapter, go back and read it first! k thanks bye
By: gigi12310199
Created: 03/21/10
Recommendations: 170
Views: 2495
Leave underaged people or overaged people ALONE!!!
By: Lolaland
Created: 10/31/09
Recommendations: 135
Views: 2495
A tutorial to how to build a diving board! Note: Your simmys cant use it!) eNJOY!
By: sims3fanMLH
Created: 12/11/10
Recommendations: 23
Views: 2493
Seventeen year old Danielle Pocket is a beauty, and has lots of guys wanting her. Except her protective best friend Brad, and his brother Adam, made them disappear. So when Adam moved away, life for Danielle was good, but now he's back....will trouble stir up? Danielle doesn't want any trouble and she certainly doesn't want to feel the way she does...
By: EmilySims333
Created: 05/12/12
Recommendations: 90
Views: 2487
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