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I've noticed the lack of French lots on the exchange, most likely due to lack of knowledge of how to build one. So I made this tutorial to walk people through making a French lot. I made it as simple as possible and if you find it helpful please recommend and/or favorite!
By: Micky101037
Created: 01/24/10
Recommendations: 59
Views: 2568
Carly Sween Is A Spolit Brat Who Gets Everything She Wants! Will Her Party Be A Sucess?
By: krimbo
Created: 06/22/10
Recommendations: 89
Views: 2567
Chapter 18 is here! Avery wants to meet up with Rachel, will she accept? Please read and recommend(:
By: hugz4life101
Created: 05/01/11
Recommendations: 148
Views: 2566
My first story and first challenge all rolled into 1. This is for the Asylum Challenge... part one is just meeting the patients and taking a brief tour of the "hospital" that I built. Like I said, I'm new at this, so don't expect too much. lol, btw... all the stories are told from the perspective of the doctor/administrator. And the word that is starred out is: s c h i t z o - for some reason the censor thinks I'm trying to spell something different.
By: SeaMonsterDylan
Created: 07/19/09
Recommendations: 14
Views: 2566
MISERY LOVES ISOLATION. Bronx is a very greedy young man. Not only does he have an adoring wife, he's also been sleeping with his pregnant sister-in-law and he's managed to knock-up his cousin Blaze. With so many women at his beck and call, will Bronx ever be able to choose between them? Any comments or questions you can leave me a message here:, or at Enjoy and recommend if you likes it :] Group hug.
By: FuryRed
Created: 04/16/10
Recommendations: 106
Views: 2565
Hey people the final chapter of the first generation is here! And the main story line comes to an end! One person returns! Please, rec if you liked and the heir poll can be found here... Comments can be left here... And one big thanks to those who've supported me by recing and viewing throughout the generation :D
By: EmeraldRuby
Created: 08/06/10
Recommendations: 137
Views: 2564
Chapter Three of the Peter Family Legacy- it's finally time for Craig and Cleo's big wedding! But first, Craig has to survive an insane bachelor party that might kill him. PLEASE recommend and leave a comment here-
By: What_Red
Created: 02/28/12
Recommendations: 129
Views: 2561
Chapter 2 of my Cinderella Challenge story. Challenge created by simaddict1220 -
By: Scrilbo0
Created: 07/05/09
Recommendations: 57
Views: 2561
This is chapter 3 of my Terrey Family Legacy. Rec's and comments are loved! Post comments here: I really want to hear from you.
By: Spongeb0b
Created: 08/15/10
Recommendations: 112
Views: 2557
Know everything about ghosts but struggling with making them playable? Fear not, here is charliecat101's guide. It has a high possibility of working; I reasearched the subject a lot before I made it. (It usually takes me 2 days to get the oportunity)
By: charliecat101
Created: 12/21/09
Recommendations: 29
Views: 2556
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