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This is a story of an orphan ...finding life hard...and is forced to make a hard decision...if you like it recommend so i make the first chapter..:) thanks
By: deborah7893
Created: 08/15/10
Recommendations: 129
Views: 2561
If you want to get new clothes this how you get them and these clothes all only for everyday wear.
By: lxldeltalxl
Created: 11/21/09
Recommendations: 16
Views: 2561
A combination of hilarious moments caught from the Smith Legacy! Generation Seven to Generation Nine!! Please recommend and comment here: Thanks for reading! Until next chapter, Cheers!
By: Aoxa
Created: 10/09/09
Recommendations: 203
Views: 2559
Hey people the final chapter of the first generation is here! And the main story line comes to an end! One person returns! Please, rec if you liked and the heir poll can be found here... Comments can be left here... And one big thanks to those who've supported me by recing and viewing throughout the generation :D
By: EmeraldRuby
Created: 08/06/10
Recommendations: 137
Views: 2557
Chapter 2 of my Cinderella Challenge story. Challenge created by simaddict1220 -
By: Scrilbo0
Created: 07/05/09
Recommendations: 57
Views: 2556
Chapter 2 of Hate To Love You. Liam is head over heels with the girl of his dreams, yet she hates him. She hates him with every fiber of her being. At least, she thinks she does. This is just more of Liam and Anabelle. The more reccomendations I get, the faster the next one will be up. :) Thank you all so much. Add me if you want, I will love it if you do, but I won't take it personally if you don't. :D Until next time...
By: LeahT
Created: 11/02/10
Recommendations: 136
Views: 2556
14 year old Taylor Rios lives in a town were all women can do is marry fat or ugly or fat and ugly men. Highschool education is not an option. Collage? As if! Find out what happens to tthe only girl on Jojara Island that wants more then what life supposedly holds for her.
By: Fedora14
Created: 07/18/10
Recommendations: 176
Views: 2555
I've noticed the lack of French lots on the exchange, most likely due to lack of knowledge of how to build one. So I made this tutorial to walk people through making a French lot. I made it as simple as possible and if you find it helpful please recommend and/or favorite!
By: Micky101037
Created: 01/24/10
Recommendations: 59
Views: 2547
Chapter 21 of the Lune Legacy, entitled 'Party Time!'. Nebula and Venus become teenagers and the race for the heiress title begins.
By: BlueChan
Created: 12/30/09
Recommendations: 65
Views: 2544
Creepy glitch with a poor little child
By: IvyEC
Created: 04/21/11
Recommendations: 57
Views: 2541
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