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Follow the life of Hank Goddard.
By: Sims4lyf4eva
Created: 07/10/09
Recommendations: 18
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The next one is here! A few birhdays, an engagement, a wedding and we can actually graduate this time around! All in this chapter of The Color Uglacy. Read, enjoy, rec! :)
By: IStoleThis19
Created: 08/06/11
Recommendations: 35
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Number Four with so much more! Diary of a Rebel: New Beginnings! So many questions answered. You can see baby Britney become a toddler, more of Mortimer, a new home, and so much more. But there are new questions popping up! Will Mel marry Mortimer? Will she have his child? Will she get back with Mason? Break up with Mortimer? Read on to find out! Check out number five soon: Diary of a Rebel V(5): You Can't Take Anything Away From Me Special thanks to Kara/kkchat15! ~Coming with her own legacy soon!~
By: JSpaz
Created: 09/08/09
Recommendations: 31
Views: 555
How awkward would it be if the varsity football team at your highschool decided it was a good idea to have a party at your house? Oh, and I almost forgot, YOUR NOT INVITED. Well dearest brothers and sisters, that is just a day in the life of Mr. Rodney Bulger. He along with his misfit friends are going to have one heck of an escapade trying to shut down that party... without the police.
By: oscar7007
Created: 04/26/10
Recommendations: 20
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WARNING~13 or over only! this is the story of a girl who is prisoner to a horried man. please rec if you enjoyed it! chapters will come out whenever, so i might realease more than one every day(around 3-4 or something lol) KITTY
Created: 12/10/11
Recommendations: 21
Views: 555
Overlooking the bay, this house offers incredible views in every room. Cozy yet impressive, Bayside St. has it all. Built at 100 Redwood Pwky. Here is the link to the lot: Please Recommend and Enjoy.
By: mattscaz
Created: 08/19/09
Recommendations: 8
Views: 555
this is my version of the single mother challenge i hope u like this one more will be on the way =D
By: Shanarawr
Created: 08/31/09
Recommendations: 18
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ITS NOT SNOG MARRY AVOID!! ITS KISS MARRY SLAP!! enjoy! please read, recomend and add me!
By: beckistar18
Created: 04/08/10
Recommendations: 31
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Here is a guide to make amazing fountains rec. if it helped! :) Hope you liked it!
By: Flower556
Created: 01/15/10
Recommendations: 13
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By: CasinoK
Created: 07/05/09
Recommendations: 1
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